Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Infringement Festival Fundraiser 23 May 2014 Cafe Tuyo Montreal, QC

Monday, May 11, 2015


A question
Is it really Smart?
In reality SMART is shorthand for: 
Stupid Methods (of) Authoritarian Reactionary Totalitarianism 
Smart, eh?

-Der Kosmonaut
11 May 2015
Ottawa, ON Canada

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I'm From The Original Video Game Generation

I'm from the original Video Game Generation
My generation is not PlayStation
Mine is Coleco Vision hardcore hardware
Nintendo software
Atari 2600
Pac Man Ms. Pac Man
Donkey Kong
Mario Donkey Kong, Jr
Mario Asshole
Ghost monsters that bite!
Hop up hop down 
Get down with Q*bert
Going Bezerk with 
Getting pounded by Evil Otto
Jumping across 
Highways and Rivers
Achtung Auto!
Achtung Aligator
Double Dragon
Chop and kick
Go thick in
Final Shit
The Final Fight!
Mr. Do
Moon Patrol
Space Invaders versus Der Kosmonaut
1 March 2013
Vienna, Austria

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Anti-Black Racism Exposed in Israel and the U.S.

by Ajamu Baraka
From Black Agenda Report

6 May 2015
[Ethiopians] also saw that their Jewishness did not protect them when reacting to the issue of African migrants to Israel, Israeli right-wing organizations staged a series of demonstrations calling for the expulsion of all non-Jewish African migrants with vigilante groups also carrying out violent assaults against African migrants that did not differentiate between non-Jewish Africans and them.

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Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Der Kosmonaut Live At Pressed Cafe Ottawa 5/5/15

Saturday, May 02, 2015

Staple Singers-Slippery People

Monday, April 27, 2015

Dick Gregory: Why Police Are Killing Black Males

From House of Konsciosness

Veteran Civil Rights activist, actor and comedian Dick Gregory explains why Black males are being murdered by the police and the state.  Gregory presents a dire warning of the coming Fascist takeover of the United States.

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We Are Not Charlie Hebo

By Kevin J. Barrett

Only one version of the Charlie Hebdo affair made the mainstream media: "Muslim extremists kill cartoonists and Jews." An officially-orchestrated response - "je suis Charlie" - followed.
But is there another side to the story?
Disturbing facts quickly emerged. Politicians, big media, the security industry, and arms manufacturers all rushed to cash in. And freedom of speech in France – the supposed target of the terrorists – was rolled back by the French government. Even as millions marched for Charlie, millions more sensed that something was very, very wrong.
In We Are Not Charlie Hebdo, twenty leading public intellectuals refuse the invitation to identify with "Je Suis Charlie." Jews, Muslims, Christians, Protestants, Catholics, atheists, people of the left and right, progressives and traditionalists, people from many different countries and ethnicities – all have united to say "we are NOT Charlie Hebdo." Most suspect the whole affair was a false flag operation or psy-op. (Evidence for that interpretation is presented in the book.) Others merely dissent from the official, mythic false consensus. 
If you question what governments tell you…if you doubt the mainstream media version of events…if you are NOT Charlie Hebdo…then this book is for you.
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Friday, April 24, 2015

The United States Empire: Murdering People of Color Domestically and Abroad

From Black Agenda Report
By Solomon Comissiong

Fork-tongued US president after fork-tongued US president, parade the globe lecturing people about human rights when it is they who abuse human rights as much as any nation. The US false propaganda machine is an evil, yet highly effective tool used by the US government and corporate media to trick its residents into believing that they are residing in a place that champions human rights. Disingenuous politicians and media talking heads repeat their lies, over and over until they become “fact” in the minds of myopic Americans. However, they are still lies, plain and simple.

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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Entire Western Media is a Troll Army


From Information Clearing House
By Finian Cunningham
April 20, 2015 "ICH" - "Sputnik"

Rather than investigating the real political climate under the Western-backed regime in Kiev — Neo-Nazi, anti-Russia, illegal, fascistic, war criminality, proven gangsterism — the Western media swing into denial mode, whitewash mode and disinformation mode to cast aspersions on Moscow.
Western media may pride itself with vain self-congratulating descriptions of "independent news, freedom of thought and expression, fearless defenders of truth" and so on. But the truth is that Western corporate so-called news media are simply this: one giant troll army marching in lockstep with the political agenda of Washington and its coterie of Western allies.

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Ukraine: NATO and Political Assassinations

By Alexander Donetsky

From Strategic Culture Foundation  
20 April 2015

A wave of political assassinations has hit Ukraine recently. It attracted attention to activities of some scandalous political figures and media outlets. Even the Ukraine’s intelligence (called the Security Service of Ukraine) had to admit a hit list of opposition leaders does exist. Before that it used to say the mysterious murders of those who belonged to the team of former President Yanukovych were suicides. Sergey Sukhobok, a well-known Ukrainian journalist and entrepreneur, was killed on 13 April 2015 in Kiev. On April 14, Oleg Kalashnikov, another prominent member of Party of Regions, said he had received threats related to his activities in preparing celebration of the 70th anniversary of victory over Nazism (according to Ukraine’s laws public celebration of the Great Victory Day is punished more severely than a premeditated murder). The next day he was shot near his house. On April 16, Ukrainian journalist and writer Oles Buzina known for his opposition activities, was shot to death in Kiev as well. 

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