Monday, February 19, 2007

In God's Country

God Bless America!

Al Jourgensen's Ministry preaches God Mess America

Public devotion everywhere

Let's me know

I'm in God's Country

In God We Trust

On every dollar denomination

Cuts across denominational lines

Each financial cash transaction reminds me

I'm in God's Country

Posters and Bulletins

At each and every T station

Advertises churches and healing prayers

As I await a subway train

In God's Country

Artists and musicians

Intellectuals and academics

Express their devotion to deity

There's no place for skeptics

In God's Country

The poet and the politician

The progressive and the reactionary

Reconcile their differences

Uniting in prayer and praise

In God's Country

Atheists and agnostics

Heretics and un-believers

Pack your bags and grab your passport quick

Get the hell of out being

In God's Country

Superstition has underpinned

This great religious revival

What about the Enlightenment and the Age of Reason?

Oh I forgot

I am in God's Country

The belief in science has been replaced

By creationism and intelligent design

Denouncing Darwin's theory of evolution

Oh No It's De-Evolution!

In God's Country

-Brookline, MA

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The Divorce

You say that you are the land of the free

Yet somehow you are unable to see

How you have hopelessly lost the plot

You have become a whatnot

We were never together united

From you I've always felt slighted

In no matter of degree

Did you offer me equality

You constantly proclaim you are the best

The more I travel the world I'm convinced less and less

You proclaim your greatness to foster

I think you are nothing but a tosser

You wonder with awe why the world rejects you

Most convinced how much you are cool

The world's love affair with you is through

For years you played us for the fool

This is why from you I must divorce

For there is no other recourse

I'm here to make money and bid you goodbye

Before I go to Europe my next and ultimate bride

-Cambridge, MA

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Monday, February 12, 2007


By Der Kosmonaut 

In the spirit of Valentine's Day I post an excerpt from The Fall Of New York.

We saw each other and stopped. She stunned me in her appearance. Her hair was jet black. Her eyes a deep blue. Her skin milk white. I was hypnotised. She looked at me directly from her eyes. They were excited.
‘Do I know you?’ The woman asked hesitantly.
‘You can if you want to.’ I replied.
I quickly grew an erection. She was wearing black denim cut off shorts. Her firm thighs and legs were prominently featured. I wanted to eat them. She was wearing a plain black T-shirt. Her neck throbbed. Her blood was thick and strong. I wanted her vitality in me.
‘You can call me Katie.’ She heaved and sighed.

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Monday, February 05, 2007

Back In The USA

Here I am back in the USA
Feeling like a foreigner who has lost his way
Though I was born here and am a native son
My absence indicates I’ve been away too long
The American mentality has become rather foreign
The Republic is gone and Bush is now sovereign
Leonard Cohen said “Democracy is coming”
But I think he is still humming
The land of the free has lost its liberty
In the White House an indictment has been laid against Libby
I walk about Cambridge which is most liberal
Seeing only faces which are rather quite dismal
The country lives under lock and key
Justice and equality have been made a mockery
Tension and fear is in the air
Progressives and democrats live in despair
The Patriot and Military Commissions Act
Political dictatorship is an actual fact
Herren Goebbels and Hess would not have been more impressed
FDR and Truman could not have been more depressed
I could never again in this country reside
To do so is an act of suicide
It’s unlikely this land will last 50 years
In the meantime Ladies Liberty and Justice will shed tears.

-Somerville, MA

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The USA is a country so backwards
It should be called ASU
Asinine Stupidity Unlimited

-Somerville, MA

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There he goes
The American man
Egotistical and arrogant
Tedious and cumbersome
Proudly displaying his ignorance
Always shooting his cum

There he is
The American man
Sloppy and messy
Adolescent and immature
Clumsy and tacky
Yet remarkably self-assured

Here he comes
The American man
Ready to conquer the world
With machine gun in hand
Needs to dominate and rape some girl
And any other oil rich land

There he stands
The American man
With the flag up his ass
Behaving like a dick
Perpetually passing gas
Showing off his tiny prick

There he talks
The American man
About the Super Bowl
And his sexual fantasies
The cunt is his perpetual goal
Only keeping quiet about his STD’s

There he withers
The American man
His intellect degraded
Not knowing real philosophy
His wisdom faded
Like his hero Heidegger a complete phony

Fuck You I say
To the American Man
With his degraded politics
His global reign only temporary
His con job and dirty bag of tricks
A stupid bigot and low life reactionary

-Somerville, MA

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There she goes
The American woman
With a voice that’s shrill
A smile very fake
Her grin like a car grille
Thinking she’s Strawberry Shortcake

There she is
The American woman
Always worried about her weight
Attempting various dieting techniques
On a manipulative moralistic trip
Repressed puritan sexuality
She needs to get a grip
America breeds such poor quality

There she stands
The American woman
With the attitude problem looking like a bitch
Showing off her shopping bag from some boutique
Petit-bourgeois pretending she is rich
Lack of grace and class her eternal motif

There she talks
The American woman
About Desperate Housewives and the latest soap
Reading Glamour, Elle and fashion mags
In marriage and family she places all hope
Craving a wedding ring to have something to brag

There she withers
The American woman
Into a suburban soccer mom
Or into a ghetto welfare queen
Marrying and screwing some Dick or Tom
The superficial she’s rather keen

No thanks I say
To the American woman
I wouldn’t care if she was the last
Only European women for me all the way
In the US they are lacking in class
I wouldn’t give a kiss for any amount of pay

-Somerville, MA

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