Monday, February 05, 2007

Back In The USA

Here I am back in the USA
Feeling like a foreigner who has lost his way
Though I was born here and am a native son
My absence indicates I’ve been away too long
The American mentality has become rather foreign
The Republic is gone and Bush is now sovereign
Leonard Cohen said “Democracy is coming”
But I think he is still humming
The land of the free has lost its liberty
In the White House an indictment has been laid against Libby
I walk about Cambridge which is most liberal
Seeing only faces which are rather quite dismal
The country lives under lock and key
Justice and equality have been made a mockery
Tension and fear is in the air
Progressives and democrats live in despair
The Patriot and Military Commissions Act
Political dictatorship is an actual fact
Herren Goebbels and Hess would not have been more impressed
FDR and Truman could not have been more depressed
I could never again in this country reside
To do so is an act of suicide
It’s unlikely this land will last 50 years
In the meantime Ladies Liberty and Justice will shed tears.

-Somerville, MA

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