Monday, February 19, 2007

In God's Country

God Bless America!

Al Jourgensen's Ministry preaches God Mess America

Public devotion everywhere

Let's me know

I'm in God's Country

In God We Trust

On every dollar denomination

Cuts across denominational lines

Each financial cash transaction reminds me

I'm in God's Country

Posters and Bulletins

At each and every T station

Advertises churches and healing prayers

As I await a subway train

In God's Country

Artists and musicians

Intellectuals and academics

Express their devotion to deity

There's no place for skeptics

In God's Country

The poet and the politician

The progressive and the reactionary

Reconcile their differences

Uniting in prayer and praise

In God's Country

Atheists and agnostics

Heretics and un-believers

Pack your bags and grab your passport quick

Get the hell of out being

In God's Country

Superstition has underpinned

This great religious revival

What about the Enlightenment and the Age of Reason?

Oh I forgot

I am in God's Country

The belief in science has been replaced

By creationism and intelligent design

Denouncing Darwin's theory of evolution

Oh No It's De-Evolution!

In God's Country

-Brookline, MA

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