Friday, April 20, 2007

Lost Poems

The muse directed me back to Vienna. My dear Alexandra has kept all of the writings I have shared with her over the past 8 years. I discovered 8 lost poems. Poetry I thought had been lost forever. These poems were written in New York, France and Austria dating from the end of 1994 through 1999. The following poems are set in chronological order.

Have You Captured The Beat?
What is the noise that you hear?
Can you identify the sounds in the noise?
How is the movement of sound structured?
Do you feel the vibrations around you?
Is your perception with its rhythm?
Have you captured the beat?
-December 1994 New York, NY

The Loop
One was approaching from the North Side.
The other approaching from the South Side.
Four lights approaching from opposite angles.
The point of conflicting contact is in the centre
Of the loop:
Most had terrible thoughts about such junction
From the North and the South.
Some were afraid of the impact
To be caused in the wake and echoes
That such and event could produce.
The sound of the noise from such creation.
The power of energy in motion.
Others were happy that the time was now.
-December 1994 New York, NY

Do You Know?
What are you doing?
Do your actions have any meaning?
Can you think for yourself?
How do you perceive?
What do you perceive?
Do you understand your circumstances?
What makes sense to you?
Are you blind or do you have selective memory?
Can you remember the past?
Are you present?
Do you know the future?
How many times must it be said?
Is there any reason?
Have you got a story?
Do you have any questions?
-February 1995 New York, NY

Desire For All
There are many matters unbeknown to me
Though I see myself as that unfortunate fellow
Whom the 50s warned of and Bauhaus sang in glee
The man with the X-Ray Eyes I do not want to be

The route to illumination is tricky indeed
That sharp insight which most of us yearn
Fleetingly outdistances our forceful will of speed
We fall and cry as a lover spurned

Illumination or the spark of genius
Is wanted dead or alive possibly we possibly it
In our haste of what we stumble about in clumsiness
Creativity laughs and tasks us to see for it unfit

How so we envy Mr. Know-It-All
The way we belittle and detract from he
Who has the ear of nature when he calls
At the end of the day it is to he we plea
-11May 1998 Midi-Pyrenees, France

Be not what I am
I cannot be what you are
We can be who we are
You and I can be together

Forget about what I had just said
Don't bother to remember the details
Frivolous distractions necessary digressions
Utter wastes of time times bullshit

Shit is important
Is what all must do
Do eat for life to shit
Balanced nutrition with piss

I'm done with excretion
Now what next to do
Light to smoke to inhale
And strategise for future present

Prime attentions necessary directions

I'm beginning a point
Next is now
Light extinguished smoke abounds
My strategy is done
-July 1998 Midi-Pyrenees, France

Break It Down
I cannot understand how
When the words fail to come first
Am I not a poet?
Or am I a fake?
I am afraid
To read aloud
My words
- July 1999 Vienna, Austria

Have You Ever Played Verbal Tennis (Dedicated to Phish From The Meadow In Central Park)
Have you ever played verbal tennis?
What is verbal tennis?
Don't you know what verbal tennis is?
Do you think I would ask if I knew what is was?
Do you want to know?
Will you tell me?
Are you sure that you want to know?
Why are you reluctant?
Are you saying that I am reluctant?
If you are not reluctant then why are you hesitant to tell me?
So now are you saying that I am hesitant?
Is it so important?
Is what so important?
Do you know what we are talking about?
You don't know what we are talking about?
Well do you?
Weren't we talking about your knowledge of verbal tennis?
Shall we change the topic?
Why are you changing the topic?
Can't you see we are going nowhere?
What do you mean nowhere?
Can't you see we're stagnating?
Should we break for tea?
Do you have any tea?
Would I offer I didn't have?
Are you sure that you do?
Should there be any doubt?
Could it be possible you think that you have tea but actually do not?
Shall I put on the kettle?
Why not?
16July1999 Vienna, Austria

Put That Away Or The Reactionary Anthem
Put that man back in his place!
Put that woman back in the kitchen!
Put tape over the child's mouth and dress him up for display!
Put those ideas in the rubbish!
Put your mentality with everyone else!
Put the Blacks back to Africa!
Put the Latinos back on the boats!
Put the bleeding hearts in the morgue!
Put the socialists back in Russia!
Put all the Serbs in the graves!
Put the gays on an isolated island!
Put the musicians in jail!
Put their recordings on the bonfire!
Put the foreigners on the moon!
Put public housing on the auction block!
Put the public schools under religious control!
Put all the trains in the junkyard!
Put cameras on every street corner!
Put TVs in every home!
Put adverts on every wall!
Put that away!
Put everything away!
-July 1999 Vienna, Austria

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