Monday, August 06, 2007

WehrSol Declaration

The WehrSol Declaration As Transmitted From WehrSol To Der Kosmonaut In Berlin

Following the latest developments on the Planet Airstrip Earth the Council of Gods and Goddesses of WehrSol declare:

1)The evacuation of all WehrSolians from Airstrip is imminent.

2)Earth is besiged by a World War between Nebula and vampires.

3)All hostilities between WehrSol and remmants of Nebulan colonists on Airtrip have ended.

4)WehrSol calls for defeat of the Nebulans to the vampires.

5)The fate of the planet Airstrip Earth under vampire domination makes imperative the evacuation of all WehrSolians.

6)Upon evacuation of WehrSolians all contacts and visits between WehrSolians and Earth will be terminated.

7)WehrSol is satisfied that Nebula poses no threat to us nor toward any other life force in the universe.

8) In the unlikely event the Nebulans defeat the vampires for the conquest of Earth, WehrSol will pursue an active policy of encirclement and containment preventing all Nebulans from leaving this solar system.

9) Upon evacuation of the last WehrSolian, the termination of all our alliances will take effect.

10)All WehrSolians on Airstrip are urged to follow their intuition in the coming weeks.

Goddess Eru

God Ater

Goddess Gnonium

God Nep

Goddess Meghanr

God Moert

Goddess Leught

Sars, Advisor to the council of gods and godesses of WehrSol

End transmission.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where do the Pleiadians fit into all of this?

Friday, August 10, 2007  
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Thursday, August 16, 2007  

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