Thursday, September 27, 2007

Black Holes and Dark Matter

There are many holes bountiful and deep in the least expected and most unsuspected spots. Planet Earth is about to fall into one. The planet needs extreme caution for it must choose which hole to fall in. Falling into a hole is not as bad as getting caught in a jam particularly of the cosmic variety.
Once somewhere on the other side of Dark Matter in the universe, WehrSol came upon a clusters of Black Holes. There were 8 Black Holes spinning and revolving around each other. WehrSolian analysts had projected that within a half million light years, the 8 Black Holes would devour each other's gravity growing into one organic matter of extinguished and exhausted stars of the universe.

Should one believe that this is a case of Matter versus anti-Matter? Is one to to infer that the dialectic consists of will and inertia between living and dead stars? What constitutes a living star? What is a dead star?
The universal or the dialectical of the human view of the Universe is between the 90% of our brain that we do not use and the paltry 10% that is actually used. For the humans on Earth it is time to explore the grey matter which comprises most of their brains. Shedding insight from the grey matter will help the planet to light and reanimate the dark matter which comprises of 90% of the universe. What does this mean?
Astronomers on Earth believe that 90% of the universe is unseen and unknown from Earth. 90% of the Universe comprises of Dark Matter. Astronomers know that it exists but cannot explain its composition.
In another scientific field called Biological Medicine, Psychologists have noted that humans use no less 10% of the brain. The other 90% is not accessible and rather mysterious.
It's a rather interesting point of intersection. Is it possible that humans on Earth only see 10% of the universe because we only use 10% of their brain?
Humans, in particular the Russians and the Americans, believe the best possibilities for knowledge of Space through travel is best done by advanced aeronautical machines aided with combustion engines. It is believed that one day in the future humans will be able to travel to the far side of the Milky Way Galaxy through advanced means of locomotion. Only one Earthling has proved it impossible. That individuals name is Arthur C. Clarke.
The way to the universe lies on Earth within the mind. Aldous Huxley made this discovery in the 1950s. Heaven and Hell, Huxley argued were not places in physical dimensions of space. Rather they are located within the "dark matter" of consciousness. The consciousness resides in the brain. The best way to explore the Universe is to stay on Earth in any country and begin the inner space travels within the mind. As humans begin to probe their own grey matter of their brain, the dark matter of the universe will be illuminated. The relation of Earth to the universe is no further than the relationship to of the individual with their own mind.
The humans on Earth will have to go into the Black Holes of their own consciousness whether they want to or not. Go within to go without. This is the new dialectic.
Space travel is mind travel to discover worlds not of this planet but rather to discover to WherSols of consciousness.

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