Friday, November 16, 2007

Chaos In Europe

I went to Prague for 9 days. It was my first time in the Czech Republic since 9 years. I feel sorry for that country. It has been turned into an economic colony of the US, UK andGermany. Yet most of the Czechs don't seem to mind.The day before I left I was in the middle of a street battle betweenAnarchists and Nazis. The Nazis wanted to march through the old Jewish quarter on the anniversary of Kristalnacht. They said they wanted toprotest against the Czech involvement in the Iraq War.Two shots rang out. Then I saw the Nazis run away. I saw one of them get his head bashed with a metal rubbish bin. I saw other Nazis get stomped.

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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Berlin Adventure

I had a rather intense time in Berlin. This city is unlike any other city in the Western world. I doubt there is any other city like Berlin anywhere on this wretched planet.
When one flies into Tegel Airport one looks at the window and wonders what they are landing into. The first day I arrived, my Swiss A320 made its landing approach from the east. From the east one flies low over Pankow and Heinersdorf. Blocks and blocks of great chunks of grey concrete buildings occupy the ground. These are the Stalinist housing complexes. One gets the sense of landing into a psychiatric hospital complex.
The second time I flew in Tegel, this time on a British Airways A319, we made our landing approach from the West. The view is even more startling. One sees huge hulks of rusted steel twisting up into the sky. 500 meters from the runaway one sees an imposing Atomic reactor and power station. From which ever angle you fly into Tegel, one gets the sense of arriving in a traumatised city.

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