Saturday, January 19, 2008


What is revolution?
Do you know what is revolution?
There are different types of revolution
The Earth makes a yearly revolution around the sun
There are revolutions in thought
Revolutions of speech
Revolutionary speech
Revolutions of technology
Industrial revolution
Information revolution
Political revolution
The French
The American
The Russian
Eastern European
Revolutions for justice
Revolutions for equality
Revolutions against revolting tyranny
Revolutions against repulsive bigotry
Revolutions against the reactionary
Revolutions against monarchy
Revolutions against the clergy
Revolutions against patriarchy
Revolutions because of the economy
Revolutions because of dichotomies
Revolutions upheaval of roots of stagnation
Revolutions against opressive strangulation
Revolutions of uplift
Revolutions to liberate
Revolutions to deliberate
The Last Poets said "Niggers are scared of revolution."
Revolutions against the concept of nigger
Revolutions against the concept of whitey
Revolutions against the conecpet of faggot
Revolutions against the concept of bitch
Revolution is not Revoluzion
Revolution against Zion
Revolution for people
Revolution for intellect
Revolution for leisure
Revolution so that the earth can continue its revolutions around the sun
Revolution so that the earth can survive
Revolution for survival
Revolution against needless death
Revolution for peace.
Revolution is what it is
This is revolution

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Monday, January 14, 2008

Upcoming Vienna Shows Janurary 2008

I am off to a brilliant start in 2008. It promises to be a very good year. Here are my upcoming performances this month in Vienna.

Ausflug in Wort
Monday 14th Jan. 2008
Galerie Kulturdrogerie
Gentzgasse 86-88 18th Dsitrict
Trams 40 and 41 Aumannplatz

Farce Vivendi
Open Mic
Friday 16th Jan, 2008
Novaragasse 37 2nd District
U1 Nestroyplatz

Ausflug in Wort Party
Saturday 26th Jan 2008
Alszeile 19 17th District
S45, Tram 43 Hernals

After-party with DJ's Der Kosmonaut and Kilian

Textrom Slam
Wednesday 30 Jan. 2008
U6, Trams J, 5, 33 Josephstädterstr.
Under the U6 Elevated Tracks

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