Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Rise Of The New Confederates

The United States in on the verge of breaking up. This might come as a shock for many but now 16 states have or are in the process of declaring themselves sovereign. While I happily welcome the decline and fall of the US, I remain leery of the forces that are pushing it. There new sovereignty movement is led by Texas. Chuck Norris is now a leading advocate for the succession of Texas from the Union. Here are two articles exhorting the States Right movement can be read here and here

Below is my riposte.

Sorry Chuck and Infowars but I cannot buy this drivel. It's not only right wing and reactionary but it is also based on a willful ignorance of history. Let's peruse the history.
As a Black person, the founders of the US, as it was enshrined in the US Constitution, stipulated that Blacks were only 3/5 of a human being. Far from being paradigms of Justice, Freedom and Equality, the US through the Constitution was based on White (Male) Supremacy. This is not conjecture. This is not an opinion. This is a fact. Thomas Jefferson was not only a slave owner but actually wrote in his private journal that there could never be equality between Blacks and whites in the US and for the US to exist as a country, the inequality must remain. For the founders of the country and the US Consitution, the US was only about the freedom of white male property owners. Period.
Texas is a very unique history. Texas, like New Mexico, Arizona, California, Colorado and Wyoming were part of Mexico before they were absorbed into the United States. Let us not forget that this land all originally belonged to the Indigenous People which was stolen under the barrow of guns and by genocide from them. The founding fathers did not even consider "Indians" to be human at all, not even 3/5 human.
When white Americans settled in Texas they were welcomed on one condition. Mexico had outlawed slavery and slaves could not be brought or maintained on Mexican soil. The trouble started when white Americans not only brought their Black slaves with them but also set up slave markets. This was illegal under Mexican law. When the Mexican authorities cracked down on the illegal slave business, it was the spark of the Texas indepedence movement. Sam Houston and the other "patriots" were not freedom fighers. They were racist imperialist thieves who took over another sovereign country in the name of freedom and democracy. Where have I heard that before most recently? Didn't Bush invade and take over a sovereign country in the name of democracy and freedom?
The American Republic, as was the Lone Star Republic of Texas, was founded on white supremacy, slavery and genocide. One might try to spin it one way or the other but the history is obvious. To use Texas as an example of freedom and democracy which has the one of the worst human rights abuses in any Democracy (for example Texas has more people per capita on Death Row than China and Iran combined according to the UN just to name one source).
It's funny how white Americans conviently overlook or ignore the history of the United States. It's clear that the when a country is founded upon mass murder, slavery and genocide that it would eventually turn into a fascist state.
One last point. As a Black person aware of history, I view the ressurent States Rights movement with loathing. The Civil War was not about slavery as it was about States Rights. In the notorious Supreme Court Decision Plessy V. Ferguson, the right of the individual States to legally segregate whites and Blacks was based on a Consitutional interperation of States Rights. Under this, the individual States can determine who has more rights than others. It was often used to oppress minorities. It did nothing but promote the tyranny of the majority. What's my point? The United States is not really united. People from other countries cannot believe that there is not one uniform nation wide standard for holding Presidential elections in the US. Is it any wonder that the debacle of Florida 2000 and Illinois 1960 occured? How is it possible that in one state certain acts are legal but are illegal in other states? What type of country is that? It is certainly not a coherent or stable country. Black and other opressed peoples only obtained freedom and official legal rights by a combination of massive direct action which forced the hand of the Federal government to intervene. If the Federal government had not intervened then the South would to this day still be seperate and unequal. It might be beyond the scope of (in)secure white males but the only thing that minorities have to protect themselves is the Federal Government through the Federal Courts, Congress and the Executive (President).
I am too educated and aware of history to be duped into the vitruol of "patriots". The only reason why white people are rising up in rebellion is simply because their economic interests and stability are under threat. When the economy was doing "well", when women and minorities could not vote and knew their place, then all was fine. America was the best nation on the planet. It was the best country for democrary and human rights. Now that everything is falling apart, now comes the cries of freedom and the evocations of the founding fathers of the US and Texas. The US, along with white supremacy and its handmaiden captialism are going down. It's about time!
-Belgrade, Serbia

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