Sunday, September 13, 2009

Barack Obama: The Empire Strikes Black

Boy am I happy that I listened to my intuition and did not vote for Barack Obama! I did not vote due to the arcane and anti-democratic not to mention expensive procedures to vote absentee. I would have had to pay nearly 50 Euros on express mail to register to vote and to cast my vote. With that said, Obama has turned out to be one of the most reactionary Presidents in the past 80 years! He is actually more reactionary than George W. Bush. Here is the short laundry list of Obama's treachery.


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Thursday, September 03, 2009

First Poem From Serbia

Virgo's methodology of criticism
Between summer and autumns schism
Produces within the schizophrenic
Hustling for life hectic and frantic

Slippery people who are rather slick
Grease and oil laid on rather thick
Nitpicking slight flaws and shortcomings
As yet the death call of autumn

September can be quite a bitch
Tighten the belt keep up your britches
Back to school and constant routine
Fun and games are over must appear clean

Wash away the season of mirth
Buy a watch to time the birth
Of death and the fall of life
Soon comes the sting of November's strife

How often does this process repeat?
Which baseball club will go down in defeat?
Football, basketball and hockey season begin
The quarters start the clock is ticking

Hold fast through the darkening gloom
Say goodbye dear friend to Spring's bloom
December might bring back optimism
And see through New Year's prism
-Belgrade, Serbia

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