Friday, January 28, 2011

Egyptian Government Shuts Down Internet As It Wages War Against Egyptians

The Most Recent raw footage from today 28.01.2011

 The revolution continues to be a deadly affair in Egypt. The regime of Hosni Mubarek refuses to back down. The United States has effectively given the green light to use lethal repression against the masses. The stakes are too high for American imperialism. If Egypt undergoes a successful revolution, this would be the death knell of American domination of the Middle East. Israel would also be vulnerable as Egypt provides secondary security to the country after the United States.

Meanwhile, the Egyptian government has shut down the Internet. The video above of a protester getting shot dead on the street has been seen all around the world. This move to shut down the internet is a sign that the regime plans to bathe the protesters in blood behind cover.
According to the up to date reports by the Guardian newspaper, Cairo is now a war zone. For live up to the minute reports and audio from the streets of Cairo, go to the Guardian blog.
For comprehensive analysis from the streets of Cairo and the the implications for US imperialism watch today's Democracy Now! 

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