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Insurrection In Egypt-Updates

Update 23:30
President Mubarek just signed his death warrant. What an extraordinarily arrogant man! Not only has he indicated that he isn't stepping down but he threathened the masses more using the language of homeland security.
Mubarek sacked the cabinet in the parialment. He thinks that Egpyptians are as stunned as they look. Mubarek even had the nerve to say that the protests took place because of the "freedoms given over the past few years." He blamed his ministers and absolved any responsibility from himself. Even worse, Mubarek insisted that neo-liberalism will continue apace. The dictatorship of the banking and finance has drawn the line in the sand with Egypt. Immediately after his speech, thousands are marching through the streets shouting "Down, down with Mubarek!"
Well, he tore his ass up once and for all with the masses. He had one last chance to exit gracefully. Now, he will go involuntarily. His speech will go down in history as "let them eat cake". He will be lucky if he gets out with a few thousand dollars stuffed in his pockets applying for asylum as a refugee in Israel.

Egypt has a long bloody revolution ahead.
That's all for my coverage of Egypt's insurrection today. For more coverage go to The Guardian website and check out Al Jazeera.
It was a historic day. I'm glad to be alive to help create the historical record.
Belgrade, Serbia

Update 23:00
The Speaker of the Egyptian Parliament, Fathi Sorour, who is first in line to succeed the President is scheduled to make a "very important announcement".
The soldiers on the streets are not the regular army but rather the Presidential guard. That's why the masses turned against them. However, the Presidential Guard do not have the power or strength to supress the masses.
The regular army remains silent and on the sidelines. The  military chief of staff, Lt General Sami Enan has left Washington heading back to Egypt after cutting short a meeting with Pentagon officials. It will be a few more hours before he touches down. He remains key to how events will unfold in the future.

Update 22:30 CET
Reports of top businessmen and other influential people have fled Egypt. The bourgeoisie see the writing on the wall and fear they will go on trial for theft. The bankers should leave and never come back if they know what's good for them.
Washington is stunned. This recalls what happened during the Iranian revolution in 1979 which caught Washington unawares. However, this will be a huge blow for the US geo-politics and strategy. The biggest questions for Washington, London and Tel Aviv are the Suez Canal and Palestine.
Live coverage here.

Update 22:00 CET
Al-Jazeera has put the Western media to shame. Al Jazeera has left the Western media in the dust with its coverage of the Egyptian revolution. I'm sure that today is the higest ratings in its history. Forget about the North American media. However, the European media is spending more time covering the embarrassing White House news conference than on events in Egypt. CNN is providing most of its coverage via Twitter. BBC is playing catch-up.
The Guardian is providing excellent online coverage as well.
Events in Egypt have also stolen the thunder from the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. The talk about endlessly expanding globalisation has become meaningless.
In Egypt, the Parliament building is also on fire.
Mubarek has become the Invisible Man.
A protest by Egyptian-Americans is taking place outside the White House.
Live coverage here.

Update 21:30 CET
White House Press Secretary is giving a news brief. Essentially, the Obama adminstration has decided to leave Mubarek out to dry. The US has no other choice. If Washington sides with the leader who has lost all legitmacy with the people, then by extenstion, Washington loses it as well. Washington is desperate to keep Egypt within its orbit.
The widely hated fool and idiot who poses as the German Foreign Minister commented about events in Egypt from Davos, Switzerland. Guido Westerwelle said "there's a risk that the the unrest will spread across the region."
In other words,  the US, Europe and NATO see the risk of losing the entire Middle East. They fear that the loss of military bases, not to mention their economic leverage of cheap markets and labour. The Western countries are confronting their worst nightmare: The end, once and for all, of European imperialism and colonialism in the Middle East.
Live coverage here.

Update 21:00 CET
Israel, as I pointed earlier, continues to support Mubarek. Time magazine reported the following:
With a deep investment in the status quo, Israel is watching what a senior official calls "an earthquake in the Middle East" with growing concern. The official says the Jewish state has faith in the security apparatus of its most formidable Arab neighbor, Egypt, to suppress the street demonstrations that threaten the dictatorial rule of President Hosni Mubarak. The harder question is what comes next."
An honest Zionist made his views on Arabs very clear.
"I'm not sure the time is right for the Arab region to go through the democratic process."
Meanwhile, the former American ambassador to Egypt is in a state of shock. On Al-Jazeera, he gave a mealy-mouthed whiny defense of Mubarek. He then made the following remarkable statement: "It would be nice to promote human rights and democracy but the State Department can't do that. There's no time. We have to protect our (US imperlialism) interests." It's dawning on the US that it's the beginning of the end of their domination of the Middle East.
Back in Egypt, the masses are turning against the army. They now understand that the army is not looking out for them but instead for Mubarek at this point. What will the army do? The army will play a key role.
Live coverage here.

Update 20:15 CET
Still waiting for Mubarek's address to the nation. He's 4 hours late. Will he speak? What will he say? The only thing he can say to make people happy will be to announce his resignation as soon as possible. No doubt, his speech is being scripted at Foggy Bottom.

Update 20:00 CET
Freelance journalist Rachel Stevenson has posted this recent audio report for The Gaurdian.
Live coverage here.

 Update 19:55 CET

Suez is a police-free zone. Nary a cop or state security personnel seen anywhere on the streets. Two police stations have been set on fire and gutted.
People are cheering the army. Strange as it seems, the people see the army as protectors from the police and domestic security services. The army has moved in to protect State TV headquarters. The army has never been deployed on the streets against the people. The police state has been under the Interior Ministry. The Defense Ministry has no jurisdiction domestically. The secret police are hated as people have intimate experiences with them. The army is highly regarded. How long this lasts remains to be seen.
The regime's attempt to shut down the Internet and all mobile communications turned out to be for naught. This disproves the reactionary and lazy notion that the revolution will be Twittered and Facebooked. Revolution only occurs when the masses are on the street and taking reality into their own hands.
Live footage here.

Update 19:30 CET
Unconfirmed reports of the army clashing with the police.
Things seem to be quieting down in Cairo. Most likely people are hungry and are eating to re-energize. Still stormy at the Radio and TV building and the Foreign Ministry. The curfew is technically in effect but a dead letter in reality.
Update 19:15 CET
Intelligence briefing on Egypt

Live footage here.

Update 19:00 CET
The Secret Police have been defeated. Mubarek's police state has been overthrown. A glorious day for humanity!

Update: 18:40 CET
80,000 people protesting in Port Said, where she said a 14-year-old had been killed.
In Cairo, protesters attempting to storm Radio and TV building known for being State propaganda.

Update 18:30 CET
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says the US "is very concerned" about the situation in Egypt.
The US is correct to be "very concerned". President Obama has been given a 40 page brief about the situation. The Clinton pleaded with the Eyptian people for mercy. The US is well aware that the Arab masses have had enough and there will be no more corrupt wheeling and dealing. The US hopes they can do business with the people in the future
Murabek was supposed to address the nation 90 minutes ago but he's missing in action.
The media is perplexed as to the leaderless nature of the uprising. The Western media seems angry that there isn't any Islamist leadership or influence. Mostly because they can't demonise the protests as a terrorist plot.

Update 17:55 CET
Latest video from The Guardian

Update 17:50 CET
Latest audio report from Peter Beaumont of The Guardian
Live footage here.

Update 17:45
Clashes reported in front of the TV/Radio building in Cairo. Fires rage in front of the Foreign Ministry.
Pandemonium in Alexandria has residents storm packed buses to get out of the centre. Police stations have been set on fire both in Alexandria and Cairo.
Update 17:30 CET
Fire in Cairo! Gunfire and explosions on the streets of Cairo. NDP Party Headquarters and other government buildings are burning.
Live footage here.

Update 17:20 CET
Army tanks rolling through the streets of Suez and Cairo towards the city centre. President Mubarek is about to give televised address to the country.
Update 17:00 CET
President Mubarek has imposed a 13 hour curfew and has ordered the military onto the streets of Cairo.
The headquarters of the ruling NDP party has smoke billowing from it.
Protesters have attacked and set an armored police/army vehicle and are attempting to shove it off the October 6 Bridge into the Nile River.
Live footage here.

Click here for live coverage from Al Jazeera English.

Below are the most recent audio dispatches from two correspondents from The Guardian newspaper


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