Tuesday, March 01, 2011

American Hypocrisy On Display Again

Western imperialists really think we are as stunned as we look. Just a week ago as Gaddafi was bombing his own people, the US acted as if the cat had gotten its tongue. The US was hoping that Gaddafi would be able to suppress the revolution. Now that it's game over for him, the US is quickly moving to make a "humanitarian intervention" just as they did in Yugoslavia more than a decade ago. Now in order to "save" the Libyans, the US and its satellites are planning to invade. Of course, when NATO arrives, they are going to kill twice the number of civilians as Gaddafi and will be just as, if not more, brutal than he. As this video clip shows, Hillary Clinton was grinning like an ape with Gaddafi's son just a few months ago. Now she is calling for the Gaddafi family to be sent to The Hague for "crimes against humanity". American hypocrisy has no bounds.

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