Thursday, March 31, 2011

Libyan "Rebels" Committing Acts of Genocide Against Black Africans

Editors note: This atrocity in Libya is an exact repeat of Yugoslavia Kosovo in 1999. The script is the same with only the names of the characters changed. Replace Milosovic with Gaddafi, replace the Kosovo Liberation Army with the Interim Transitional National Council and the same film is being played. One other similarity is the precarious situation of minorities. In Kosovo most of the civilians killed by the Kosovar Albanians were Roma (Gypsy). In Libya, most of the civilians killed by the "rebels" are Black Africans. In both cases, the Western media and powers have remained silent about the racist massacres of both Roma and Black Africans while accusing Milosovic and Gaddafi of genocide and crimes against humanity.

From World Socialist Website:
By Wolfgang Weber
The opposition forces in Libya attempting to march on Tripoli with the assistance of American, French and British bombs are far removed from the image of innocent civilians fighting for freedom and democracy promoted by the media and political circles.

This is made clear in a March 22 article in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung by Gunnar Heinsohn, the author of Encyclopaedia of Genocide (Rowohlt, 1998).
Heinsohn cites a report by the well-known Zimbabwean journalist and documentary filmmaker Farai Sevenzo dealing with barbaric, pogrom-like massacres perpetrated by the so-called “rebels” against black African workers in Libya. The article states:

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