Sunday, March 13, 2011

Soylent Green (1973)

This classic Science Fiction film from 1973 is eerily prescient. Set only 11 years from now in 2022, the film depicts Earth in an environmental disaster. There are 40 million people living in New York, most of whom are homeless. On the other end, are a tiny elite that reside in skyscrapers behind fortifications of concrete walls and barbed wire. Women have been reduced to servants, pets and sexual toys for the male elite. There is only one season. It is perpetually summer. Due to climate change, agriculture has broken down. Animals and livestock have gone extinct. Vegetation has been wiped out. All sea life has vanished. The masses are hungry. There is only one type of food which is scarcely available. The food is Soylent Green. What exactly is Soylent Green? Hint: Think of a happy meal. Directed by Richard Fleischer.

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