Monday, April 11, 2011

Notes On Western Intellectual Decline

Postmodernism, Deconstructionism, Poststructualism as (anti) intellectual propaganda.
-A(nti)historical (End of History), revisionist, erasure and rewritng history.
-Reactionary (Heidegger), anti-Enlightenment, anti-Libertarian.
-Anti-intellectual, totalitarian relativism, lack of critical thought and complex reasoning
-Destructive not constructive, anti-creative, copy paste, deconstructing existence to nothingness
-Seeks to modify rather than change the world. Seeks to make capitalism more "accommodating" and to "accommodate" capitalism into all spheres of life.
-seeks to objectify "the other" (non-conformist, human) as anti-civilised (barbaric) while maintaining a silence  on the ecocidal barbarism of capitalism, consumer society and the global North
-Silent on totalitarian capitalist ecocide and genocide while (falsely) accusing its opponents of genocidal barbarism (Milosevic, Gadaffi).

-Universal subjective relativism while maintaining the universality of capitalism.
-Reduces philosophy to history and racial/revolutionary critique to apolitical "cultural studies".
-political thought reduced to political science which is the negation of politics from reality. Political science (technocracy) replaces political philosophy (creatively thinking of new forms of government and society).
-Imperialist/Militarist. "Humanitarian intervention" (imperialist genocidal plunder)
-Culture is fetishised (cultural studies) while art is destroyed (slam poetry, Mikser 2010)
  ยด-"Cultural Studies" is not "study of culture", rather as neo-colonial post anthropology. "Cultural studies" is to train young people to bring the world under totalitarian capitalism (New World Order)
   -"Cultural Studies" is anti-culture/human. A student and theoretician of "cultural studies" lacks culture. At the very best, they are "superficially cultured"
   -"cultural studies" as a tool of multiculturalism to bring "the other" within the spiritual orbit of capitalism
-lack of economic understanding. perpetuates the mystification of economics (Neo-liberal finance capital) by creating an artificial division between society (culture) and capitalism (economics).
-Intellectual suicide through disintegration (capitalist degeneration) creating "coca-cola intellectuals".
-Liberal reformism which attempts to trap (lock down) the masses within totalitarian capitalism.
-Intellectual cul-de-sac of "anti-globalisation" activists. Contemporary Anarchist "anti-capitalism" as nihilist escapism. Squats and other so-called "autonomous" liberated zones are in fact totalitarian zones of political correctness and "alternative lifestyles".
-Intellectual disintegration of middle class (petit bourgeois) "Marxists" and "Trotskyists" by their acceptances of "consumer society".
-Political activity as lifestyle (choices of lifestyle) through apolitical and politically impotent acts such as vegetarianism, veganism, organic food and "fair trade" consumption.

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