Monday, April 25, 2011

Reflections of Captialist Disintegration From Vienna

The disintegration of Western Civilisation is the direct result of capitalist degeneration. Westerners have been turned into robots and machines incapable of experiencing authentic human life.
On Multiculturalism and the Far Right

Multiculturalism breeds racism. Racism has increased not decreased as a result of multiculturalism. Political Correctness has not eradicated reactionary sentiment. Rather PC has only suppressed its open expression. The manifestation of reactionary racism as a result of multiculturalism and PC is reflected in electoral politics.
The electoral success of the far right only reinforces multiculturalism and PC. The more multicultural society becomes, the more it becomes racist. The electoral success of the far right will only increase multiculturalism. The far right offers a political and social dead end for the masses to alleviate their discomfort. They may want the Blacks and Muslims to leave but it won't happen. The jobs are disappearing. The misery will increase. Voting for the far right is the ultimate in futility. It is open surrender and submission to capitalism.

Repression of Sexuality
Less play (sex) leads to more angst. The sexual (play) energy is blocked. Expression of natural flowing sexuality is forbidden. Among "left wing" social layers, everyone pretends to be asexual. In others words, they are not interested in sex. Sexuality has become capitalistically degenerated. The result of this is that it can only be expressed superficially through "identification". That is a fashion identity imposed by capitalism. Sexuality is reduced to identity politics. The masses can choose a sexual identity. Since there are so many to select from (and most of those choices are sexually negating), many are confused about sex because they are not sure of their "sexual identity".
Even those that "pick" by declaring their "sexual identity" are sexually frustrated because they are unable to have an authentic sexual experience. They are unable to connect intellectually, intimately, physically, emotionally and spiritually with another human. The distance between human individuals is as great as between individual stars in the universe (space).

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