Monday, May 30, 2011

Understand Aufstand In Every Land

Part 1
Understand Aufstand in every land
As the present order exposes decay
Solutions are rare and hard to come by
They're simply reforms to sustain capitalism

The Revolution will be Facebooked and Twittered
Faces become mugshots as people are booked
Bodies twitch and twit in death
Ecocide and genocide produces the caskets underside

Understand Auftstand in every land
Privileged atrophy of ideas
Beliefs have become ossified
Very soon humankind may become fossilised

The fall of the West means the rise of extinction
Extinction through execution
Execution by drowning in plastic and petrol
Petrology is the ideology of petrification

Europe and North America is the petrified forest
People are petrified and terrified
Lost in the woods that have been terrorised
Understand Aufstand in every land

Devastation deforestation monoculture agricultural dictatorship
Genetic seeds that amount to a hill of beans
Agent Orange came from Tropic-Ana Juice
Tampa Bay Devil Rays days of slavery

Fallen trees and Indians roots drenched in blood
Bought sold and traded on the stock exchange
Punished and displayed in stockades
Understand Aufstand in every land

Part 2
Burnt offerings hung high from trees
Towering infernos of the empire in flames
The far right takeover of Canada ignited in Calgary
Crucified with the promised deliverance of Calvary

Understand Aufstand in every land
Black skin white masks the horror of reality
Reactionary media saturation negates human sexuality
Crises of identity twisted benders of gender

Scammed cheated and duped by Obama
Hope and change on the dope exchange
Patriot Act extensions sunset clauses on democracy
Wall and Bank Streets reveal the oligarchy

Engendered by torture human rights endangered
Legal tender means In God We Trust
Capitalist religion expressed through Olympic spiritualism
Under´╗┐stand Aufstand in every land

Revolting tyranny of revolving door nepotism
In and out sadomasochist hard core pornography
Submit to the domination of psychopathic sociopaths
Or die by Nautical Robots shielded by badges

Social polarisation increases in Wien
Socialist vs Catholic vs Fascist vs Green
Feiheiten on the rise overtaking the streets
Understand Aufstand in every land

No Buddha only pests found by Fidez
Paramilitary home guards march and terrorise
Roma now Jews later subjected to pogroms
Hungarian presidency reveals the EU program

Self liberation will yield human emancipation
Human evolution depends on collective consciousness
Means living and acting with human conscience
Understand Aufstand in every land!

Vienna, Austria
30 May 2011

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