Saturday, June 18, 2011

Bosnia: Exposing Media Disinformation and Anti-Serb Propaganda

The US military-industrial establishment in the beginning armed covertly the military formations of the Muslim president of multiconfessional B&H Alija Izetbegovic. He declared in his February 1991 speech in the Parliament that "For independent B&H I would sacrifice peace, but for that peace in B&H I would not sacrifice its sovereignty", (Kovacevic}, Slobodanka, Dajic, Putnik, 1994: 33).
This was contrary to the will of one constitutive people expressed in the referendum to remain within Yugoslavia.
With the support of US authorities, Alija Izetbegovic vetoed the Jose Cutillero Plan of 1992 and the Vance-Owen Plan of 1993, as Owen describes in his memoirs. Such policy had as an effect civil war and ethnic cleansing. This is exactly what Western leaders proclaimed they wanted to stop by bombing regions inhabited mainly by Serbs, after extremist Muslims staged a massacre at the Marcala marketplace and blamed it on Serbs.
The fact that UN investigators could not confirm this accusation, stressing that the mortar shell could not have come from Serb positions was supressed at the time. In this way Izetbegovic succeeded to realise his strategic political objective outlined already in 1992: "To get the West to defeat the Serbs and establish a Muslim dominated state for him" (Bodansky, Yossef, 1995).

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