Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Importance Of Being Human In The Fight Against Capitalism

After 2 years away from the West living in Serbia, I have changed. I realise that I am a human and that is a good thing.The reason why I had hated being human was due to the the fact that capitalism had degenerated human beings into robots. I saw how most "human" beings around me in North America particularly but also in the Western Europe (EU) were so low and degenerated, that I wanted nothing to do with being human! I had strived to be otherworldly. I strived to be "superior" to human beings. North America and most of Europe has been invaded by the Nebulans. The Nebulans have turned Canada, US and the EU into replicas of Nebula. 

I went to Earth for the first time in 2008 on my initial journey to Serbia. I spent nearly 3 weeks camping in the remote mountains of Eastern Serbia. I really was Der Kosmonaut that had dropped down to Earth after 36 years lost in space. When I decided to live in Serbia, I met human beings for the first time. Serbs are one of the last remaining authentic human species left on the planet. Why is it that the world has heard nothing but the worst about Serbs? Why are the Serbs labelled as genocidal, racist Nazis? Why did NATO bomb Serbia in 1999? The reason is because the Serbs are human and refuse to submit to the Nebulans. The Serbs will never ever kiss ass, suck up or submit to the Nebulans. So what is the plan the Nebulans have for the Serbs? Simple. To eliminate them. It wass the Serbs that were the biggest victims of genocide and ethnic cleansing during the Yugoslav Civil War of the 90s. The Nebulans twisted the truth and in turn called the Serbs the genocidal racist Nazis.

Everything that has been reported about Serbia and the Serbs (with the exception of alternative media) is false! If the Serbs were really like that, I wouldn't have stayed 3 weeks in the first place. I would have been out within 48 hours. And I certainly would not have stayed for 2 years if Serbia was a Nazi, racist genocidal country.
My desire to be WehrSolian was an expression of extreme and perverse alienation from my body. Capitalism produces an extreme self-hatred of the body. In fact, capitalism mutilates the human body and distorts it until it becomes a Grotesque. That's why I wanted to get out of my skin and out of my body. Capitalism has destroyed the planet and degenerated the Earth that I wanted to escape from the planet. Alas! That was simply another blind alley and trap laid down by capitalism. A dead end escape into the void and vacum of space, into nothingness. The Thought Police made me wish to escape to space in order for the Nebulans to destroy the Earth without resistance.

There is practically no place left to run on the planet to escape. Look at just what just happened in Norway on Friday. Norway! We can't escape from the planet. The wish to "teleport" or travel multi-dimensionally is really a suicide wish. It is nothing less than a desire to leave behind the body thereby killing it so that the "spirit" can be "free". That is a lie. No! We must fight to be human! We must fight for the natural world! It's time to stop running, hiding and hoping to be teleported on to the Starship Enterprise. (Star Trek, by the way, is totalitarian capitalist propaganda. Why? The Enterprise is associated with capitalism. Capitalist enterprise. The Federation is a totalitarian, militarised capitalist universal order. A totalitarian capitalist inter-galactic order. Star Trek is about the ever eternally expanding spirit of capitalism that it takes over entire galaxies.) In other words, the desire to escape the planet and our human natural selves is due to capitalism! We must fight capitalism! We must fight for the survival of the human species and all natural Earth based biological organisms! We must fight or we will all perish!
Do not reject your humanity! Embrace it! What you think of as "humans" are nothing less than mechanised robotised freaks!

The Nebulans are real. However, they are empowered by the capitalists and fascists who in turn were promised untold wealth and power by the Nebulans. In essence, the Nebulans are exactly like Mephistopheles, the devil in Faust by Goethe. Basically, Goethe was warning humanity about the coming takeover of Europe. The Nebulans are taking away humanity. It's the Nebulans that have turned humans into robots and mechanised freaks. Indeed, the plan is to reduce humans into automaton freaks.

The Nebulans say that there are only two choices: Become a mechanised robotised freak or die. This is a false choice. The choice is actually as simple as this: Live as a natural human being or death.
It is a deadly mistake to accept the terms of the Nebulans that one must be a robot to capitalism or die. 
Therefore, the way to defeat capitalism to to affirm our humanity. We must refuse to be turned into machines. Because capitalism under the Nebulans can survive without the human species.

The WehrSolians are the helpers and guides to humans. They have given us illuminated mental and intellectual skills to see the Nebulans and to give us the tools in order to fight and defeat the Nebulans. But the WehrSolians remind us that our biggest strength against the Nebulans is human emotion and love. The WehrSolians do not nor cannot feel emotion or love. I do not really want to be WehrSolian. Rather I want the consciousness of WehrSol with the biological and emotional attributes of a human being.
So the choice is not between being a human or a WehrSolian. Rather it is a choice about being a natural life affirming emotional loving being against being a capitalistically degenerated subhuman machine.

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