Saturday, August 13, 2011

Live Coverage Of Millions March In Harlem 13.08.2011

This is going nowhere. I'm bailing out. This is not only embarrassing but a waste of time.
This is a dud. People are doomed. 
This is sad, sad, sad, sad. Americans aren't going to make it.
Later for their sorry asses.
I'm out.

A lawyer is wondering why no one has turned out. He questions if Black people want or need leadership. He is making an appeal for Black unity. He is asking people to give their lives for Africa.
Now he is making an appeal for money. "If you are willing to give your lives, then you can give your money." He is already given up on achieving any change on this day or this month. They are appealing for money for "next year." Now it is turning into a fundraising campaign asking for $1,000. Cash and cheques are apparently accepted.
Viola Plummer is pleading and begging for people to come into the streets. Viola and Bob are acting like kindergarten teachers trying to get disodient kids in line. Both are imploring people to come in the street.
"Join us in the street."
Oje! This is embarrassing.

Stream is back up again for now.
Former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark takes the stage to address the crowd.
Problems with the live stream. There is audio but no visuals.
Bob Law has announced that today is Fidel Castro's birthday. That got the loudest cheers and applause. Castro is the hero of Harlem.
Some Libyans have taken to the stage. The rally is being broacast live to Libya on State TV and to Iran as well.
The Libyans are addreessing the crowd expressing their gratitude for the solidarity.

Foul play? A busload from Philadelphia headed to Harlem got into an accident. Could it be sabotage?
Viola Plummer has the most energy and making the most revelant statements. Still trying to get the people to chant: "We are an African people."
Sister Cynthia McKinney is on stage. Great sign. Things appear to pick up now.

John Watuzi Branch (sp?) gives short speech about the need for Blacks to protect Africa. "When our mother gets attacked, we must defend her.
More than one half hour of music. Too much entertainment. Too little politics. Too empty. Too quiet.
New Soil is playing a jazz and funk number. The crowds are still slim.
Amiri reads "Somebody Bombed America".
The band New Soil is about to play. The poet Amiri Baraka is to be the guest singer.

The crowds are far from a million. They are barely 2000 and that is a generous estimate. The crowd is no longer than 2 blocks.

Inez Baron speaks about the billions of dollars in budget cuts to the State led my Govenor Andrew Cuomo. Baron is exhorting the masses to apply pressure on the elected officials by writing and calling them. This is not such a revolutionary speech. "Bring pressure to bear to change direction." Ho-hum. Yawn.
Baron is getting people to snap their fingers for a rythem to chant "We are an African people." She is about to recite a poem.

12:00 EST
Apparently, the crowds are reluctant to get into the streets depsite being exhorted to step off the curbs.
Viola Plummer is trying to get the crowds to chant: "We are an African people!" The crowd sounds lookwarm. In fact, it sounds very quiet. Churches are more noisy and rowdy than this protest march.
Plummer is introducing New York State politician Inez Baron.
The crowd is sparse taking no more than 1-2 blocks. Hence why everyting is silent.
Not looking promising at all.

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