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Reflections on the Current State of Global War One

We have crossed the threshold of Global War One. There's no turning back. While the war has not been officially declared, the fact of the matter is that it has already begun and it's now too late to prevent it. It's  Déjà Vue. The world is in a time warp and we are de-evolving and repeating the horrors of the past 100 years. It's time to take stock of where we are presently and reflect upon how we got here. Most importantly, solutions and strategies how to survive the coming cataclysms.

Living In the 1980s
Events in Britain over the past week have been nothing less than rewinding and playing the old video tapes from the 1980s. The uprisings began in Tottenham exactly 26 years after the last riots. In 1985, the Broadwater Farm riot led to a police constable being hacked to pieces. The current upheavals take place exactly 30 years after the 1981 Brixton riots. There is a Conservative government in Downing Street implementing savage cuts in social spending as Britain fights for it's financial survival just like 30 years ago.
The United States is also living a repeat of the 1980s though the complexion of politics is completely different. There is a Black Democrat President who is the reincarnation of Ronald Reagan. Indeed, Barack Obama is the ideological darker twin to Ronald Reagan. The era of Wall Street greed, crime and corruption is on the same scale as in the 1980s. However, unlike the 1980s, what was illegal then is now legal now. Moreover, the end of the credit card boom is finished forever.
Once again, the US is bombing Libya and attempting to assassinate Muammar Gaddafi. Unlike then, this has been a 5 month operation when it took only 48 hours in 1986. Like in 1986, Gaddafi's family members have been killed. 

Living in the 1910s
In 2002, I started to develop a thesis regarding the parallels between the end of the Austrian empire with that of the present decline of the United States. I compared the disintegration of Vienna between 1897 and the end of World War One, with the decadence and decline of New York City between 1997 to the present. These trends were first brought to my attention through Kubrik's last feature film Eyes Wide Shut. That film was based on a novella entitled Dream Story by Arthur SchnitzlerStanley Kubrik changed the setting from fin-de-siècle Vienna to New York at the end of the 20th Century. Kubrik took a story about anti-Semites and converted it into a film about homophobia. As typical of our age, Eyes Wide Shut went over the heads of most viewers. It was Kubrik's final warning to the United States that it was suffering a fatal decadence which signalled the end of American society.
I studied the social and political history of Vienna from between 1848 until the present. The parallels with New York and the United States today were staggering. There are many differences of course and it would be unschooled, not to mention careless, to make too sweeping generalisations discussing two separate cities and countries, not to mention centuries. Still, there are unmistakable similarities in which only a fool and someone living in denial or ignorance could ignore. Austria's brief experiment in democracy ended with the election of proto-fascist politician Karl Lueger as Mayor of Vienna in 1897. One hundred years later, American democracy informally ended with the re-election of Rudolph Giuliani in 1997. While Austria-Hungary was falling apart by the seams and the empire was in advanced disintegration, the ruling class resorted to more authoritarian methods of control and rule, which went hand in hand with a re-militarisation of the country. In 2001, after 9/11, the US was also falling apart by the seams and was in a much more serious mode of disintegration. To offset its historic and irreversible economic decline, the US has bloated not only the Pentagon budget and engaged in illegal wars of aggression and conquest, but it has also cast aside civil and human rights while militarising its domestic society.
The 1910's were characterised by extreme forms of racial and religious oppression. In 1896, Blacks in the United States had lost all of their political, legal and civil rights. That era has been characterised until recently as the worst period for Blacks in the United States since the end of slavery. In Austria-Hungary as well as all of Europe, the 1910s was a period of extreme anti-Semitism.
. Giuliani was elected on a platform of brutally repressing Blacks in New York, which he carried out quite well. Karl Lueger was elected Mayor of Vienna on a rabid and vicious anti-Semitic platform. 
Here the similarities diverge. Today, Jews are spared official anti-Semitism and political repression. This was ironically due to the long term success of modern Zionism as advocated by Theodor Herzl who was active in Vienna a century ago. Today, we find many Jews all across the world in positions of high power and finance. Indeed, Zionism is the number one reason why we are in Global War today. Many people will argue that the election of Barack Obama has spelt the end of anti-Black racism. Nothing can be further from the truth.
Blacks in the United States today are in the gravest existential crisis since the end of the Civil War, notwithstanding the reality of Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Condi Rice and Colin Powell. Indeed, the elevation of these showroom dummies simply serves to conceal the dire existential state that Blacks in the US face today. It's important to add that it's not only in the United States. Just as it was in the 1910s, Blacks are suffering from high levels of oppression and exclusion in Europe as well. Britain, France, Belgium and The Netherlands are for all intents and purposes anti-Black areas. Race riots and violent massacres have and continue to occur in Italy, Norway and elsewhere across the EU. The Roma are faring even worst with the implementation of Nazi laws enacted in France, Italy, Hungary and the Czech Republic. The biggest difference today from a century ago is the level of repression targeting Muslims. In both North America and Europe, Muslims chafe under Nurnberg race laws limiting their religious, social and civil rights. More about that below.
This is really August 13, 1914 all over again. The truth of the matter is just like the First World War actually started in 1912, we have already been in Global War One for a few years already. It's simply not "official" yet. Looks like Turkey wants to have the honour of igniting Global War One.
This is very, very, very critical.
The Absence of Western Mass Political Resistance
The Millions In Harlem March was not only an unmitigated disaster for Black Americans but for the planet as well. Saturday was humanity's last chance to stop Global War. People in Harlem dropped the ball.
Because truth be told, the planet can't survive without Black people. We gave birth to the species, we gave it all the resources. If Black people go extinct, so must the rest of humanity. They didn't drop the ball. The ball went by them and they didn't even attempt to catch it. At least dropping it would have been an attempt. So not only was Harlem a self-inflicted mortal wound for the Black race, but it was also the death sentence for the human race as a whole. It's no accident that the event was broadcast live to Libya and Iran. They saw it as their last chance to survive themselves.
Though Greece. Spain and Italy had some serious protests and civil unrest, all these actions have failed to bring down a single government or has forced them to abandon their policies. The reasons for this are varied but can be broken down as follows.
1)The official trade unions in Greece, Spain, Italy and the UK have done everything possible to contain the protests from erupting into independent revolutionary movements. Limited and token one day strikes have only served to let the workers vent but ultimately disorient and demoralise them. Trade Unions are the enemies of the masses along with the bankers, financial elite, the bourgeoise and their political puppets.
2)There is no longer any difference between Democrat, Republican, Conservative, Socialist, Social-Democrat, Communist, Liberal and Green parties. Liberal Democracy has expired. No matter what parties are voted for, they all pursue and implement the dictates of the oligarchy. Moreover, there is not one political party or group which believes in nor defends basic democratic and human rights. Each party encourages, promotes and actively engages in racism, bigotry and social exclusion. Each party is against the interests of the workers and the middle classes. Related to this is the fact that none of the "far left" groups such as most Trotskyites and Anarchists have the wherewithal to organise and to fight. The far left groups sow illusions in the Social-Democrats, Greens and Trade Unions. Most of them simply want dues paying members in order to indoctrinate, blind, confuse and disorient. Anarchists have no practical program to organise the masses into effective opposition. They are limited to small actions which only irritate the state but do not do anything to fundamentally change or alter society.
3)Given the conditions above, it's unsurprising that the mass movements that have taken place have called for a rejection of political parties. This has taken on the development of "no politics". This is dead before it begins. It is impossible to engage in political activity and demand political change without politics. This is why the movements in Spain and Greece has faltered and disintegrated.
4) The so-called "Alternative Media" is not really alternative. Alternative media remains controlled media just as the so-called "corporate" and "mainstream" media. The Pacifica Radio network, in particular Democracy Now! as well as Free Speech TV and the Progressive Radio Network are all controlled and have been bought by the interests of the more "liberal" sections of the oligarchy. This explains why Democracy Now! along with the rest of the Pacifica Radio Network have peddled the propaganda and lies regarding Libya first and now Syria. The right wing "alternative media" as personified by Alex Jones, Gerald Celente and Max Keiser are nothing less than capitalist propaganda populists. Gerald Celente has turned into a blabber mouth and a defender of the capitalist system. Max Keiser is nothing less than a petit-bourgeois clown whose populist campaign against JP Morgan and to buy silver is nothing less than a marketing and business strategy for him. Jones, Celente and Keiser simply seek to capitalise on the current economic dislocations and existential fears of the middle class simply to turn a profit. They are seen as leaders by millions of middle class people around the world. However, like the trade unions and various far-left groups, they offer no solutions to the end of the capitalist system or to stop war.
5) Social Media has replaced good old fashioned face to face organisation. A decade ago, it took months to organise political rallies, marches and demonstrations. While it took longer, it required social work. People were forced to meet face to face. People would network through personal contacts they had developed to form coalitions and bring people together. Facebook and Twitter have broken down the personal and social bonds between political activists. The role of social media in the North African uprisings has been exaggerated. In fact, social media "revolutions" were first tested and used by NATO and the EU in Moldova a few years back. Facebook and Twitter are nothing less than tools of the State to lure young people and the unsuspected into political traps and dead ends. Last month, hundreds of Western pro-Palestinian solidarity activists were intercepted at Tel-Aviv airport and deported. Israel did not even have to employ Mossad. They simply went on Facebook and were able to intercept and deport more than 300 activists"The revolution will be Facebooked and Twittered. Faces become mugshots as people are booked." The main problem with social media is that it creates desktop and laptop activists. One doesn't even have to meet a person face to face in order to become "friends". One simply assumes that because they belong to the same group, have the same interests and the same "likes", then the other person online must be alright. This is much worse than the effects of cocaine. In 1992, David Byrne described the social effects of taking cocaine with people that weren't known 30 minutes before. "Instant friendship for a few minutes." At least, one is personally interacting with another human while doing lines of coke. One is actually sharing the drug, the straw or the bank note whichever the case may be. While it is a superficial exchange for a few minutes, one actually engages in eye contact and physical human touch and contact. On Facebook and Twitter, one doesn't even have the chance to engage in a three dimensional superficial experience. Moreover, Facebook and Twitter are turning out to be much more addictive than cocaine and other heavy drugs combined. Social media is a dead end. Any notion of effecting social and political change through Facebook and Twitter is nothing less than a crack pipe dream.
6) Last but certainly not least is Thought Control. TC is everywhere. As mentioned above, ALL media is controlled. Even this blog has been subjected to Thought Control as well as misinformation and deception. Social Media, Internet, You Tube, Wikipedia, Al Jazeera, Russia Today, IndyMedia are all tools of Thought Control. Add to the fact that in the US alone, more than 25 million adults (not counting the children) are on psycho-pharmaceutical drugs, means that the majority of Westerners are unable to think critically. Then there is the poor diet which most Westerners consume. Vegetarians, Vegans and those that only consume "organic" or "bio" can not really be sure where their food is produced and how it is processed. As I stated last year, Vegetarianism/Veganism is itself another mode of Thought Control. Since the vast majority of the Western masses, the youth in particular, are under Thought Control, the results are at best intellectual poverty and at worst intellectual atrophy. The masses are unable to think for themselves. They rely on TV and radio personalities to tell them how to think. If they are a little bit older and more educated, they then have intellectual gurus such as Noam Chomsky, Slavoj Zizek and Noami Klein that they follow and worship. These along with Alex Jones, Glen Beck et al are nothing more than disinformation agents and operatives of the Thought Police.

War All Around
Apart from the economic, class and political warfare happening currently, there is also a very serious and debilitating civil war raging across the world. There is a global race war which has been raging for a decade now. There is warfare within families. Families are being ripped apart. Friends have fallen out from one another. Couples that seemed to be tight and secure have ruptured. In essence, we are all at war with ourselves. Perhaps the worse is that all these factors lead to self hatred and self destruction. We have reached epidemic levels of self hatred, self-loathing and an utter lack of self dignity in the West. Individuals have lost all grip of themselves. They have discarded their own sense of self and have simply emulated what Hollywood, Madison Avenue and the fashion runways of Paris and Milan offer them.
People have given up on themselves. Though it's not reported, the rates of suicide are astronomical. The level of masochistic self destruction has never been higher. We are not only destroying the planet and environment around us, but we are destroying and killing ourselves in the process.
Not only are we witnessing bloody race wars but we are seeing senseless intra-racial and intra-ethnic conflicts. We are not only able to unify along racial, ethnic and class lines (of course the upper class are united more than the rest) but we are not even united within ourselves as individuals.This is very serious.
On the Geo-political scale, the coming official start of Global War will seem to unfold in the following way. Turkey's involvement in leading the attack on Syria will become the centre of a Black Hole pulling Israel, Iran, Russia, the EU and China into the conflict.
The Balkans would re-ignite into war. Why? NATO will be forced to move their forces further to the south and east. After all the abuse and denigration the Serbs have gone through, many of them will take this opportunity to settle old scores with Bosniaks and Albanians. I have spoken with many Serb nationalists who are just waiting for this opportunity for NATO to leave so they can "kick some Albanian ass."

I have just outlined the present state of affairs above. It is grim and yes millions if not billions are about to perish. However, it is still not too late to stop the extinction of the human species and all life on Earth. It may be too late to stop the Global War which has started but there are solutions which can mitigate the worst outcomes.
I will present some practical solutions and point the way to further steps and readings.

1)Mental and physical exercise. One problem of Western society is that while people are obsessed with "working out", going to the gym and engaged in other sports, they fail to realise that they are neglecting their mental health and are still caught within the spiritual orbit of capitalism through sport. Turning off the TV would be the start. Reducing time on the computer would also help. People must break their addiction to Facebook, Twitter, chatting and pornography. Reading books will help. Of course, one must choose books carefully. Literature, biographies, history and other texts can not only help break Thought Control but can build up one's vocabulary and critical thinking, as well as reasoning skills. Exercising should not be too strenuous as most "gym sports" are. It's not about losing weight, having a good figure, or being muscular. It's about using your muscles, joints and organs. Walking, biking and swimming are ideal exercises. First of all, they are free. One doesn't have to pay to go into a gym which only provides someone to make a profit and keeps them trapped within the spiritual orbit of capitalism. Most gyms are filled with no less than half dozen TV screens. People run on treadmills like hamsters in cages staring at the TV. They are not only going nowhere physically but they are destroying their thinking and mental processes as well. Walking and biking actually puts you in movement, in a direction. When you walk and bike, you have a goal and destination. Even if you are just walking or biking randomly, you will find that your mind starts to think freely. Your breathing develops a natural and normal pattern which isn't stressful on the lungs. Swimming is one of the most ideal forms of physical exercise as one uses all limbs and muscles in the process.
2)Socialise with your neighbours. One of the things I enjoyed about pre-fascist New York was how easy it was to go out to parks, playgrounds and other public areas and start conversations with random people. I made most of my closest friends in Central, Thompkins and Washington Square Parks. I understand that isn't possible in all cities and countries due to (anti)social norms. Coffee shops used to be social centres in New York before cafes became trendy. It was possible to go to a coffee shop and engage in interesting conversations on politics and current affairs. The shutting down of coffee shops has had a correlation to totalitarian and anti-social politics and atmosphere of the city. Instead, cafes have taken their place which are nothing other than consumer centres of fashion and posing. Moreover, I have travelled halfway around the world. In many countries and cities, I have been able to strike up conversations with perfect strangers, including places notorious for being anti-social. Just open your mouth. People are lonely and are desperate to speak with someone. Don't be superficial and judge someone by the way they dress. Someone that looks sharp and trendy is much more likely to have nothing to say than the person that's moderately or even poorly dressed. Try starting a conversation with someone from a different race, ethnicity or religion. Ask people about their ideas, aspirations and hopes. Don't get too personal or ask too many probing questions. You're simply asking for trouble. Many Muslims and immigrants are lonely. They would be pleasantly surprised to talk to someone new and different. That doesn't mean that you may like each other or agree with one another but it breaks down barriers and improves communication. Another important thing to do is to socialise with those outside of your normal social circles. We often get stuck in intellectual ruts because we never engage with those that have different perspectives, beliefs and values than the ones that we have. This leads to the atomisation of society and people viewing one another as enemies when they should see each other as allies. Having arguments, debates and disagreements are normal and healthy. One is then forced to confirm, defend and validate their beliefs.
3) Diet. This cannot be stressed enough. Good eating is essential to both a healthy mind and body. I understand that in many communities in North America, people are under a totalitarian consumer prison where there is only one provider for everything such as Wal-Mart. I'm also aware that in many low income areas of North America, people must rely on supermarkets which offer inferior food. Moreover, as many people are in economic desperation, they shop at places like Wal-Mart because the prices are less expensive. It's also true that organic and bio foods are for the most part only available to those with higher incomes. I'm also aware that fast food places are oftentimes cheaper than buying your own food. However, these are not excuses. This is related to the point above about socialising with your neighbours. Start growing your own vegetables on your roof, window sill and balcony. Create your own community people's kitchens as in Berlin and Vienna, or Food Not Bombs and People's Potato as in Montreal. Share food with others. Get together with other people to create community kitchens offering free or cheap food for children, families and homeless people. I know that laws are stupid in North America where one isn't allowed to serve food in public and in parks. Still, one can still cook in your home and publicise that between 6-8 PM, there are fresh hot meals available for free. As long as you don't charge a price you should be able to side-step health regulations covering restaurants. And if you are in a reactionary city such as Indianapolis or Atlanta, which will try to send the police to stop you, fight and resist. In fact, if you set up a network where each day there is a different house where free food is offered, one can evade the police but also if the authorities crack down, a community will be developed which can offer defence and solidarity.
4) Watch, take notes and open your mouth. One reason why we have entered into a police state is due to the fact that people look the other way when they see injustice or acts of police brutality and misconduct. Rather than turning away and pretending that you don't see anything, stop and observe. We are not in a totalitarian terror state, yet. Police are much less likely (but not always) to commit acts of violence in front of witnesses. If you see an act of abuse and don't want to intervene directly, keep a small notebook and a pen. Jot down as much information as possible. You have the right to ask the police for their name and badge number. You also have a right to ask what offence that the person is being arrested for. Also ask the person arrested or beaten for their name. 
5)Stop voting and create local autonomous organisations. It should be clear by now that representative democracy is a sham. It's time to form local democracy basis groups within your community. If you live in a Metropolis, organise within your apartment building. Organise on your block. This can also be used to create networks and community. You can socialise and get to know one another while at the same time talk and discuss issues affecting everyone. This is hard work of course and needs time to build up trust. Nonetheless, organising within your building and your block builds a community. This helps to break the isolation and atomisation of people. It's fine if some others don't want to participate. It should all be on a voluntary basis. There should be no coercion or conformity. This can be extended to the workplace. Instead of joining an official trade union, one should form work councils where employees can come together to talk about the things they dislike about their job. This will take management by surprise if everyone collectively engages in work slowdowns or strikes. If conditions are oppressive, workers can do a mass sick leave. The bosses and management will not be able to find replacement workers so readily. People worry about losing hours or a day's pay. If workers pooled their resources together and created their own internal economy, as well as sharing food, clothes and other groceries, this helps break the isolation and the threat economic ruin that the bosses use. Currently, bosses are using mass unemployment and destitution to keep wages down and keep the workers docile. However, if workers shared their resources, these tactics lose their effectiveness.
6)Refuse, resist, disobey and don't conform. One of the things that I have discovered in Austria is how repression functions. Here it only occurs because people obey and conform. I have discovered that if one refuses to conform or obey, it takes Austrian authorities by surprise. As Max Igan says, the system has no legitimacy. Why obey laws which serve you harm? If a law is unjust and oppressive, you have no reason to obey it. In fact, it is your right to disobey. Thought Control and totalitarian propaganda says that you must obey laws even if they are unjust. If the law is unjust, so the propaganda goes, you can vote out the politicians that enacted it or you can challenge the law in court. This is nothing but claptrap. The "rule of law" is nothing less than propaganda to keep the masses in line. There is no such thing as the "rule of law". This only applies to those without power and resources. Ask Rupert Murdoch what he really thinks of the "rule of law". Even though his media rags promote law and order ad nauseum, he certainly doesn't follow it. Neither do the bankers, the CEOs, the politicians, judges nor police. They have lost all legitimacy! Disobey and resist those who are hypocrites and who are only out to enslave, oppress and kill you!
7) Don't pay taxes, don't spend money on the corporations. The taxes you pay go to pay for war. Refuse! Granted in many countries, payroll taxes are automatically deducted. There's nothing that can be done about it. Other than that, stop paying extra taxes. Buy and shop local. Do research. If you must spend time online, then spend it researching the companies history. Find out about their labour and environmental practises. Are they part of the military-industrial complex? Do they give money to war mongering and anti-democratic politicians.?

These are just some modest solutions proposed by a poet. They are simply the first initial steps to break the isolation and alienation that we feel. There are far more effective and radical solutions presented by others. One living thinker that proposes solutions is Duci Simonovic. His books A New World Is Possible and Rise Up, Worker! offer solutions as well. Wilhelm Reich (1897-1958) made some good solutions using his method of Mass Psychology. The Mass Psychology of Fascism offers practical tips to heal the masses socially, politically and psychologically. Dr. Gary Null offers many solutions in the fields of personal health. He has a daily radio show which can be heard anytine on WBAI archives.
However, at the end of the day, only you can help yourself. No amount of community building can help if you do not work to liberate yourself. If you are not liberated mentally, spiritually and intellectually, you will not be able to help your fellow man. Furthermore, if you suffer from narcissism, egoism, self absorption and other self-inflicted maladjusted attributes, not only will others be unable to help you, but you will be a disruptive and dangerous burden upon others striving for liberation. There's an old American expression: You can lead the ass to the stream but you can't force it to drink from the stream.

Yes we live in mortally perilous times but now is the time to fight and resist. It's now or never. This blog will present additional concrete solutions regarding economics, housing, food and other social issues over the coming weeks and months. In the meantime, fasten your seat belts and assume the crash position. The aircraft is crashing. Brace yourself for impact.
-Der Kosmonaut
Vienna, Austria
16 August 2011

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