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Stop The Race War!

It appears that the front lines of Global War One are on the home front. As I mentioned previously, the world is in the midst of serious racial conflict. This summer has seen racial strife, violence and massacres not seen since the 1980s. The causes of this unrest are intimately connected to the breakdown of the world capitalist system. As in the 1930s, the current collapse of the economic order leads inevitably to war between states. However, unlike the 1930s, today we are witnessing racial conflict in countries all around the world. These race wars are the result of the deteriorating living standards for the masses of people. Rather than uniting against the capitalist class as a whole, the middle and working classes are taking aim at one another.

The media and the politicians of the world are fuelling the fire of racial conflict. It's not only right wing and conservative leaders that are instigating race war but also left wing, liberal and "socialists" that are inciting society to race war. The most prominent is Berlin Social Democrat politician Thilo Sarrazin who last year published a book Germany Abolishes Itself. Sarrazin blames multiculturalism for the ills of society and in particular blames Turkish and Muslims for societal breakdown.

The Fear of Black Male Culture in Britain
In the wake of last weeks riots in Britain, the focus has for once shifted away from Muslims towards "Black culture" in particular. Recently on BBC Newsnight, British historian David Starkey made remarkable statements on national TV. He must be quoted at length. Starkey begins by stating that he re-read the racist and fascist Conservative politician Enoch Powell's "Rivers of Blood" speech made in 1968. Powell, who went on to become the secret political leader of the Neo-Nazi British National Front, had warned that increased Black immigration to the country would lead to a race war. Starkey contradicts Powell's assessment while agreeing with its underlining premise. This is how he characterised the white youth of Britain today: "The whites have become Black...A particular sort of violent, destructive, nihilistic gangster culture has become the fashion. And Black and white, boy and girl, operate in this language together." He goes on to say that Britain is no longer a white European country but rather a Jamaican country. Hence, "This is why so many of us (read white British) have this sense of literally a foreign country." In other words Enoch Powell and Margaret Thatcher were correct when they said that Britain was becoming "swamped" by "picaninnies". Great Britain is no longer a "white" country. Britain has lost its white "culture" and it has been replaced with, in Starkey's words, "Black culture." "Black culture" is to blame for the rioting, looting and criminality of the country. Starkey added a caveat in a insincere attempt to deny he was being racist. It has nothing to do with "Black skin". In the next breath, he expresses the oldest racist fear and reduces it not to skin colour but to Black sex. The biggest problem in Britain, Starkey tells us, is not the criminal bankers in the City of London or even Rupert Murdoch. Rather, Britain's number one problem is "Black male culture."
If the racist comments and the number of positive votes  to them on You Tube are accurate indicators, it appears that the majority of white Britons and those from other countries concur. There is no better example of how race war is being kindled through the media and academics.

However, it is not only whites and right wingers that agree. Many leftists, civil right activists and other Blacks in politics agree with this assessment as they chime in for the most repressive and punitive punishments for children arrested in the aftermath of the uprisings. Over the past 200 years, there have always been "leaders" of oppressed groups that have supported, promoted and justified the subordination to racist power.

911Missing Links: State Antisemitism and Race War
Last evening, I received a You Tube link from colleagues in North America to the film 911Missing Links. The You Tube clip only had 10 minutes of the entire documentary. However, in the description box, there was a link where one could watch the documentary in its entirety. 911 Missing Links sets out to prove that the attacks on that fateful day were carried out by the State of Israel through Mossad and the myriad of dual Israeli-American citizens within the US Government, as well leading members of Israeli and Zionists corporations and lobbies. There are many problems with the documentary of which I will highlight only a few.

From the very start, the film is dedicated and gives thanks to members of the CIA, FBI, National Security Agency (NSA) and of various Defense Intelligence agencies "still loyal to America." The film states that much of the information they obtained was provided by "sources" within these agencies. Immediately, I suspected this to be a propaganda piece. Any documentary, film or other media which is dedicated to agencies of State repression is reactionary and anti-democratic. On the same web page beneath the film is a lengthy attack against Alex Jones and other leaders of the so-called 911 Truth movement. It states that Alex Jones is a Zionist puppet and agent of Israel. It goes on to attack the producers of the film 911: Loose Change for being Jews. It states that the 911 Truth movement led by Alex Jones and his cohorts all deny Israel's involvement in the terror attacks. It accuses them and others of producing "kosher" versions which ignore or deny Israel's role. 

This requires a comment. This blog has made clear its views and deep fundamental political disagreements with Alex Jones. This blog also has many criticism of the so-called 911 Truth movement. I believe that this is really a distraction from the impending destruction of the planet and the other existential threats facing humanity presently. At the same time, I do believe that Mossad and/or the State of Israel carried out the attacks. It has the modus operandi of Mossad. It is clear that Alex Jones is not opposed to the State of Israel nor makes any criticism of the genocidal polices of the country against Palestinians. It wouldn't surprise me at all if Alex Jones was a pro-Israel Zionist. Many right wing reactionary Christians in the US are. However, my issues with Jones and others is not racial nor religious (though I do believe that Jones is a racist which I will discuss below as he is also responsible for brewing race war) but rather political. I attack Jones for being a reactionary pro-capitalist lying propagandist.

Back to 911 Missing Links. The film debunks many sceptics views that Bush administration either knew about or actively participated in the terror attacks. In fact, the director and producer of the documentary, Mike Delaney, goes out of his way to clear George W. Bush and his Vice President Dick Cheney of any responsibility, let alone guilt for the events of that day and the political results thereafter. Delaney assigns all blame to Jewish members of the administration. Delaney would have us believe that Bush, Cheney and then US Attorney General John Ashcroft were merely puppets or powerless pawns of the Jewish members of the administration and the State of Israel. This defies credulity. While admittedly most if not all politicians today around the world are puppets of the international oligarchy and, in the Western world at least, provide unconditional support for Israel, it is absurd to place all the blame on Israel while letting President Bush and Vice President Cheney off the hook. It makes any intelligent viewer with any political awareness wonder if the producer was not acting on behalf of Bush and Cheney to exonerate them of any responsibility for the events of that day. We are told that the Patriot Act, which gutted the US Constitution and civil rights, along with the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq was all the fault of the Jewish members of the administration. Neither Colin Powell, who presented blatantly false information before the UN Security Council nor Condi Rice, then National Security Adviser to Bush, nor any other gentiles in the Bush/Cheney junta were responsible. No, it was only the Jews and if anything the gentiles were guilty only because they let the Jews boss them around.
911 Missing Links is well made. Moreover, it appears to have been well researched. An intelligent thinking person would have every reason to believe that Mossad and Israel were guilty beyond reasonable doubt. However, the film is rabidly and unnecessarily anti-Jew (the words Jew/Jewish are mentioned over 100 times in the 2 hour film). The film could have made its case successfully without resorting to Jew baiting. 
The end of the film thanked the New York, New Jersey and Illinois police departments. After the closing credits, the last image to appear is My suspicions were confirmed. is a Neo-Nazi white supremacist website run by 911 Missing Links producer and director Mike Delaney. If one  visits the page currently at the time of this writing, the first post is called "Jew Inspired Race War...It's Here." The You Tube video is a collage showing Blacks attacking and beating up whites as well as news broadcasts of Black males killing white females. The voice-over uses the word Nigger, informing us a Jewish conspiracy has been behind the crimes and the social and political gains of Blacks and hence. it is the fault of the Jews that Black males been free to commit violent crimes against whites. 
Another post on the site lauds the current Fascist government in Hungary for destroying GMO crops. While this in itself is a good thing, it  provides legitimacy to the Fascist government which is committing genocide against Roma in Hungary. Underneath there is another sub-heading, "Proud Hungarians must prepare for war against the Jews." Another post below that features the director and producer of the film, Mike Delaney in a radio interview with a Nazi woman named Teutonic Warrior Chick. 

Alex Jones and American White Populism
While Alex Jones claims to be "anti-racist", he does so using reactionary arguments. Jones is anti-abortion and makes the argument that abortion was legalised by the "eugenicist globalists" as a tool of genocide against the Black race. This argument has also been picked up by deluded reactionary Blacks in the US as well. However, if this is Jones' best excuse that he's not racist, it goes to show how ignorant he really is regarding history and the power dynamics of racism. 

During the peak of the uprisings in Britain, Jones characterised them as "anti-white" race riots committed by Blacks. Earlier this summer, Jones ran an alarmist story suggesting that the Department of Homeland Security has now designated white Americans as the biggest terrorist threat to the United States. Jones was also a supporter of the state of Arizona's legislation which subjects Latinos to state repression and terror. Jones is one of the most vicious alarmists about "illegal" immigration from Mexico. He has made all sorts of hysterical statements claiming that "the globalists" are using illegal immigration to subvert the US from within. Jones sees himself as the guardian and protector of "white America." Jones is just simply the latest in a long line of southern white populists stirring up hysterical fears of whites about Blacks and dark alien forces. Jones is frightening his middle class middle American followers into thinking that racial Armageddon is nigh.

The Causes of the Uprisings by Youth of Colour

Neither the media nor the politicians are honest and sincere in their reporting of and statements on the disturbances of Black youth in both the UK and the US. They dismiss that poverty is no excuse for criminality. Well, they are wrong. It's as simple as that.
This summer, Black youth unemployment rate in both the UK and US averages around 50%. In certain parts of both countries,the unemployment is far higher. States and municipalities have cut funding for summer youth jobs. Additional budget cuts have closed youth centres, recreational centres such as parks and playgrounds. While white youth also face high rates of unemployment, the rate is much less than that of Blacks and Hispanics. Moreover, white unemployed youth can depend on their parents or extended relatives to survive. Most Blacks, even those gainfully employed full time, have zero or even negative wealth. Whites still make higher incomes and still have more savings and wealth. White home values are generally worth more than those owned by Blacks.
The main Black population centres of the US are collapsing. Detroit, Philadelphia and Baltimore are for all intents and purposes ghost towns. Blacks are being forced out of New York and Atlanta. Where Blacks still live, they are under conditions of paramilitary colonial domination. (The atrocities by the US military in Afghanistan and Iraq are nothing new. These methods of bloody repression have been used by American police in Philadelphia and Los Angeles for decades.)
Black people are across the world are in desperate situations. Moreover, they see that whites are faring better than they are. Even though whites are catching economic hell as well, due to fact that they have higher incomes and more savings, they appear to be doing better. Recent research has revealed that Blacks without criminal records have been turned down for employment, while whites with criminal records have been called back for second interviews or hired instead. This leads to anger and resentment against whites on the part of Blacks.
Nor does it help that despite a Black man sitting in the White House, by every indicator the existential position of Blacks have disintegrated. Indeed, police violence and state repression has increased starkly since the election of Obama in 2008. One would not be wrong to conclude that it appears that the capitalist state has wanted to dispel any illusions that Black civil and political rights would improve as a result of a Black president.
This is not to say that Black youth are correct to attack their white fellow citizens. However, it must be understood in the social and economic context of what is going on. The fact that most of the police forces and members that are killing, beating and terrorising Blacks are white, helps to illuminate the sources of their "anti-white" sentiment. The fault of these incidents lays squarely at the feet of the  financial capitalist oligarchy and their political servants both Black and white.

Arabs and Muslims
It's only a matter of time before Arab and Muslim youth in Europe also erupt in violence as what occurred in France in 2005. Every day, they are subjected to every form of racism and state repression imaginable. Arabs and Muslims face horrific racial violence at the hands of ordinary white residents all across Europe. It is inevitable that they will hit back.

Divide and Conquer
It is expected among those that follow economic developments, that either the Euro, the US Dollar or both will collapse between now and October. There will be another round of bank closings. France may have its credit rating reduced. Italy, Austria and Spain may declare bankruptcy. The European Union, the currency zone at the very least, will break apart. This is all the result of criminal activities from the oligarchy. This is why we are in Global War.

The capitalists are terrified that the masses will turn against them and start revolutions. To preempt any mass revolutionary movement, the capitalists, along with their political pets, academics and media whores and are stirring up a race war. It's the same old tactic of divide and conquer.

The capitalists are in fear of an internationally unified world without captialism. They project their biggest nightmare onto the masses in the West in the form of fear of a Black and Brown planet. We musn't let ourselves be afraid of a classless or Black and Brown planet. We must fear the real annihilation of the planet and all living life upon it. 

-Der Kosmonaut
Vienna, Austria
17 August 2011

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