Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Jews Setting Themselves Up For A Fall

The Republicans managed to win the Congressional seat in Brooklyn, NY held by the Democrats for the past 90 years. Jewish voters created this result.
Just as Jews in the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Manitoba abandoned the Liberals and NDP in droves for Harper, the Jews in the US are dumping the Democrats. Twice within 14 years, Jews in NYC voted for Fascist Catholics over one of their own.
In the 1997 Mayoral race, Jews dumped on liberal Upper West Sider and Manhattan Borough President Ruth Messinger in favour of Guliani. Now, the Jews in Brooklyn turned against their own Orthodox Dem in favour of a Catholic reactionary.
The more that Israel finds its existential position more precarious, the more Jews in Europe and North America will turn to the far right.
But at the end of the day, the Jews are going to lose out big time. Why? Because when the bourgeoisie are down to their last chip finding themselves besieged by Blacks, Hispanics, Arabs and Muslims, as well as the white working class, they will offer up the Jews in order to save their hides, well aware how Blacks, Arabs and Muslims feel about the Jews.
Here we go again. In 1934, Austrian Jews supported Catholic Fascism only to be sacrificed 8 years later.
Next time, there won't be another Zion to run away to nor will there be any great sympathy for the pain and hardships Jews are about to experience.

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