Friday, September 09, 2011

Periscope Up

There are many things taking place currently. Global War and Economic collapse are happening.
However, we are still in the calm before the storm. There's currently too much patter on the Net concerning the tenth anniversary of you-know-what. Then there is much chatter about another terror strike, real or "false flag" about to happen. Then there's all the talk about the Dollar and the Euro crashing the implementation of martial law.
And then there's Comet Elenin which millions believe in actually Planet X that will destroy the planet soon.
So yes, there's no shortage of paranoia and doomsday scenarios on the internet. I will not pander nor will I add to it.

Moreover, something much more sinister will take place which will take everyone by surprise. I've taken cover and have decided to dive and take cover underwater. The periscope is up as I'm peeking to see what is going down.
There will be much to write and analyse soon enough. In the meantime, I'm taking it easy. I want to relax now while I can. Soon enough, the hustle of surviving life during wartime will occupy our time.
Stay tuned.
-Der Kosmonaut

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