Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wild Style

The first full-length feature film about Rap culture, DJ culture, Graffiti and Break dancing from 1982 shows the roots of Hip Hop from the bombed out streets of the South Bronx to the Lower East Side. Conceived by Fab 5 Freddy and produced and directed by Charlie Ahearn, this film shows Hip Hop culture when it was still underground and not yet commercialised and capitalistically degenerated. One of the many highlights shows the major contribution of Puerto Ricans to the form of Breakdance and Graffiti. Puerto Ricans have been air brushed out of the history and development of Hip Hip culture in the same way that Puerto Ricans to an even greater extent than Blacks have been excluded from New York's public social and cultural life today. Another interesting angle shows the contribution of women as graffiti artists and rappers. Hip Hop has degenerated into grotesque misogyny and degradation of women. This film is a must see for anyone interested not only in the social origins of Hip Hop but also the atmosphere of New York 30 years ago. Everything presented in this film is not only gone but completely illegal. Enjoy!

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