Friday, October 28, 2011

"Alternative" Journalist With Connections to German Secret Service Ejected From Epizentrum

Friday 28 October 2011
By Der Kosmonaut
A "radical alternative" journalist, whose best friend just happens to work for the German Secret Service, has been expelled from Epizentrum. The "best friend" of the journalist  just sent him an email that the house will be evicted. Then right in front of others in the media room, he called his friend who happened to be on duty to ask for more details.

This incident provides more evidence that many so-called "alternative" journalists such as Amy Goodman, Alex Jones and now this man at Epizentrum are either agents of the Thought Police or are dupes (useful idiots) for organs of state control and repression.

The downside is that the ejection of this journalist, who is personal friends with many of the occupants, has led to bitter divisions within the Epizentrum. With many believing he should not have been ejected, while others insist there was no other choice. One gets the impression that there's war amongst the rebels. An emergency meeting will convene shortly.

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