Friday, October 28, 2011

Austrian State Applies Psyops Against Epizentrum Vienna

Friday 28 October 2011
Vienna, Austria
By Der Kosmoanut

The Austrian state is provoking the occupants of Epizentrum. Last night the occupants caught a Nazi/Undercover cop within their midsts. He was calm and not agressive. He was neither a skinhead nor did he show any outward signs of being a fascist. However some of the more astute anti-Nazi Austrians sniffed him out. He was subsequently ejected. His only defense was: "I'm a harmless one." To which members of the collective replied, there's no such thing as a "harmless Nazi."

At 5 AM, the alarm was sounded and everyone went to battle stations. There were three reactionaries that wanted to come inside. Of course, the main gate had been locked. Suddenly a sequence of camera flashes came from above. In the side building a man was snapping away. When he came out of the window, he started taking photos of those assembled. This caused a huge uproar. The photographer claimed to be a professor from the Academy of Visual Arts. He was surrounded by the collective which demanded that he delete all the photos he had taken. At first he refused and stalled to delete them. His excuse was that one of the occupants is a student of his and had invited him. However, that didn't pass with the collective.
 "Not at 5 in the morning! How would you feel if someone came into your house at 5 in the morning taking photos?" His photos were deleted and he was bounced out of Epizentrum.

Today, there has been more provocations. First, BUWOG workers arrived unanncounced to hang a banner declaring that the property belonged to the corporation. The collective refused to let them in. As this occured an uniformed policeman with a rucksack stood watching from the corner. There were four identifiable secret police lurking on the corner of Zieglergasse and Lindengasse. 

One hour later, the Vienna Energy and Gas attempted to cut the power and gas to the building but were thwarted their attempts by the collective.
BUWOG has "promised" that the occupants of Epizentrum still have until Monday before they must vacate.

The occupants are clearly and understandably unnerved by these psychological provocations. Tensions were raised considerably when another journalist covering Epizentrum revealed that he had received an email from his "best friend" that the house would be evicted. However, the "best friend" of the journalist happens to work for the German Secret Service (BND). This has produced suspicions and unease. Some of the occupants have asked this journalist to leave but since he seems to be a sympathetic person and covers radical political events reguarly, he remains.

It's important for the collective to remain calm and united. These tactics employed by the state are meant to panic and disrupt the unity of those involved.
More updates to come.

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