Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Dub Poem

Running and racing on hunt for a buck
Scamming and scheming for the next good fuck
Thinking that holiness is praying to God
Fasting and abstaining from Friday cod

Look at yourself people!
Why go through motions
That lack belief?
Why take from what you hate?
Have you no pause?
No second for reflection?
Lost in the spectrum of mendacity
That obscures introspection
What's your reality?
What can you see?

Dancing and drinking and wasting your dough
Rolling money on lines of blow
Self deceit leads to self defeat
Forgetting where reality and fantasy meet

Look at ourselves people!
Why can't we as nations
Rise up in manifestation?
Why buy what makes us ill?
Kill lustful thoughts of dis-ease
Treat it like  the Blob
Put it in deep freeze

Rolling and smoking up a big flat spliff
Waiting and hoping for THC's gifts
Sipping and weeping in pint of beer
Direction of life is not so clear

Let me tell you something
Let me tell you something!
I cannot
We cannot
They cannot
Control the I
The being of I
We see with the eye
Our eyes
My eyes
I eyes
Lies that die
That perish in fire fire fire
Burning away dust and ashes
Scatter scatter scatter

Fighting resisting smashing down the state
For many too tall an order to take
What we going to do to make things progress
As we try to alleviate our distress?

I'm gonna tell you what I'm going to do
I'm going to tell you what IMm gonna do
I'm going to tell you what I will do
I'm going to be me
I'm going to see
How life is possible for me
I'll be alone
I will have community
Perhaps win in vanity
Or lose in obscurity
It really doesn't matter
Nothing to lose
All to gain
Inspiration to give take share
Anybody out there care to dare?
-Der Kosmonaut
Montreal, Quebec Canada
Feb. 2001

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