Monday, February 28, 2011

What Is Wrong With Arizona and What Can Be Done About It?

Arizona is an unique state with distinct politics. It is a far right wing state that makes the Deep South look liberal by comparison. It seems unlikely that the politics will change anytime soon. The residents are conservative. The Republican Party of Arizona is not only one of the most far right in the country but enjoys pratically a one party dictatorship over state politics. Baring an influx of progressive voters moving into the state it appears that only outside pressure will force the needed political changes to bring Arizona at least to the 1970s rather than the 1870s.

To facilitate political change will require a two prong strategy. The first strategy is to mobilise mass protests and marches defending the political and legal rights of immigrants as well as the civil rights of Hispanic American citizens. The second strategy entails organising an economic boycott of the state. These pressure tactics are the only way to to facilitate needed political and social change to the State of Arizona.

James Baldwin: Still So Much To Teach Us

From GRITtv:
"The paradox of education is precisely this -- that as one begins to become conscious one begins to examine the society in which he is being educated." James Baldwin wrote that in 1963, but as we watch teachers and their students leading pro-labor protests in Wisconsin and around the country, it remains truer than ever. Baldwin died in 1987, but his novels and essays--and his activism--live on. This week at NYU, a conference examining Baldwin's work and influence in today's globalized world is meeting, and Laura Flanders sat down with two of the speakers, Hortense Spillers and Darryl Pinckney, to discuss why Baldwin's work still feels so vital, so important.

Max Igan: The Peaceful Revolution

Australian Max Igan explains the current political and economic structure of the world. Igan acknowledges the scary darkness of the times we live. However, Igan believes that humanity will prevail. Igan believes that the biggest obstacle to human liberation is fear. It is through fear that we are divided from each other. Divisions based on race, religion and philosophy are artificial and petty considering what we as a species face.
Igan explains that a cartel of financial parasites are implementing a global dictatorship in order to enslave humanity. Indeed, we are moving rapidly towards a high tech Nazi global state. It is this agenda which humanity must unite against.
Igan is a pacifist. He believes in self defense but is certain that we can create a new society without violence. He is an advocate of revolution through the heart. Igan worries that a violent revolution will be nothing other than a temporary solution. Violence begets violence is his philosophy. A revolution produced through violence will create a violent new order sooner or later.

Growing Your Own Food

Let's face it folks. We are entering into an age of food scarcity. With food prices rising over 40% worldwide, there are hundreds of millions starving to death plus close to another billion that are "food insecure" as the burocrats and NGO's like to term it.
Oil prices are going to hit at least $150 per barrel by mid-summer. That will hike food prices as well. We may very well find two nightmare scenarios:
1)The trucks and trains stop running which transport grain and food to the supermarkets.
2)Hyperinflation where the shops will be stocked with food but will be too expensive to buy.
Cities are death traps. Between the coming Global War and food shortages, cities will become danger zones. The solution is to buy land and grow your own food.
Majory Wildcraft speaks about these trends and the need to grow your own food. In this radio broadcast, Wildcraft presents solutions how to avoid starvation during the coming upheavals.

Sunday, February 27, 2011


I love you Soul Slinger but my favourite Jungle track comes from Manchester, England. Of all the Jungle records in my arsenal, this was the one that never failed to get attention. It could be a bit too much as a standalone track for dance floor audiences to take but mixed with one or two other records, it was gold. I produced a mixed of this with a couple other tracks as the finale for The Fall of New York multimedia show.

Gerald Celente On The Edge With Max Keiser

The two titans of economic and political analysis meet to discuss the global revolution.

The Warriors (1979)

This 1979 classic film by Walter Hill captured the essence of New York during the late 1970s. Set almost entirely on the New York City subway, The Warriors shows the complete breakdown of authority and the abscence of law and order which characterized New York at the time. The Warriors is the name of a teenage gang from Coney Island, Brooklyn. They travel up to The Bronx to attend a mass meeting of all the teenage gangs of New York. The meeting is convened to plan a revolution and a complete take over of the city. The main leader is gun downed and killed just as the police move in to break up the mass meeting. The Warriors are falsely blamed for the murder. Now The Warriors must travel across the universe of New York (getting from the North Bronx to Coney Island Brooklyn takes 3 hours on a good day) wanted by all the other gangs looking for them, as well as the NYPD, who have orders to arrest all teenagers caught on the streets at night. The Warriors encounter and do battle with all the freaks of New York as they make an epic trek back to their home turf in Coney Island.
The Warriors is packed with action and drama. This is the best New York City subway filmed after The Incident.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Max Keiser Report 24.2.2011

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert have a bizarre conversation about reincarnation, goat poo, Fox News boos and US Air Force fake personalities to instigate fake debates. Then Max speaks with Glenn Greenwald on being smeared for his support of Julian Assange and Wikileaks.

Julian Assange To Be Extradited To Sweden

A court in London has cleared the way for Julian Assange to be extradited to Sweden on trumped up sex charges. After the verdict, Assange made his views clear regarding the political motivations behind the legal decision.

Vapourspace - Paradox Of Time Dilation

This was another one of my favourite records when I was an underground DJ in the 1990s. This was the record of choice for private morning gatherings after an evening of raving and Ecstasy. Not wanting to go home to bed or to be alone, up to ten of us would go to someone's home to chill for the morning. This was the perfect record to play around 9 AM on Sunday. This track along with a few spliffs would help take the edge off. We would vapourise into space enjoying the bliss of being high.

The Church of Neo-Liberalism

This photograph was taken in 2010 in Bucharest, Romania by Branislav Popkonstantinovic of Belgrade. Out of the ruins of Christianity arises Neo-Liberalism. The church was destroyed by war and communism. Now that communism has foundered, finance capital has replaced both Christianity and communism as the dominant philosophical ideology in both Eastern Europe and the West. In this photo, a bank has been erected from the foundation and first floor of a former church. This photograph succinctly sums up the economic and political spirit of the times today.

Introducing DJ Soul Slinger

The best Jungle DJ in the Americas. On June 18th, 1994, I had the pleasure of producing and organising North America's first Jungle rave with Soul Slinger. This track was inspired by and dedicated to my old crew PG2M.
Ze Crown Is Underground.

Chris Hedges "Death of the Liberal Class" at The Sanctuary for Independent Media 17-10-2010

Chris Hedges, whose book "Death of the Liberal Class" (Perseus) came out the day of this presentation, is also the best-selling author of "War is a Force That Gives Us Meaning." Hedges, whose column is published Mondays on Truthdig, spent nearly two decades as a foreign correspondent in Central America, the Middle East, Africa and the Balkans. He has reported from more than 50 countries and has worked for The Christian Science Monitor, National Public Radio, The Dallas Morning News and The New York Times, for which he was a foreign correspondent for 15 years. Produced by The Sanctuary for Independent Media in Troy NY, this event was co-sponsored by Bethlehem Neighbors for Peace.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Max Keiser Report 22.2.2011

This time Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, talk about the Fed's reign of terror and an economist's warning of revolution in America as Obama's budget robs from the poor to give to the rich. In the second half of the show, Max talks to William D. Hartung, author of Prophets of War, about the cost of corporate welfare to the U.S. military industrial complex and the role of this welfare in the current Middle East unrest.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Introducing The One and Only Jeff Mills

At the peak of my career as an underground DJ in New York during the 1990s, I had quite a few records from Jeff Mills. Oftentimes, I didn't realise that I had his records. Many of his vinyl releases were unmarked and unlabelled. I just knew that I liked the tracks. Here is one of secret weapons in my arsenal that I would mix. This was one of my signature DJ tracks. When people heard this track, they knew DJ Der Kosmonaut was on the decks. This is the real techno people!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Depeche Mode-Everything Counts (Live 1988)

Depeche Mode was the first major concert I attended as a teenager. "Everything Counts" was the first song I had learnt to play on keyboard.

The Odd Couple (1968)

Based on Neil Simon's 1956 play and later adapted into a TV sitcom, The Odd Couple is a classic New York Comedy directed by award winning director Gene Saks. Felix Unger (Jack Lemmon) is an obsessive compulsive neat freak. A recent divorcee, he finds himself kicked out of his apartment. With no place to go, he moves in with Oscar Madison (Walter Matthau), a middle aged newspaper sports writer who happens to be a slob.
The hijinks get rolling as the two personalities clash. Oscar finds that he has a new and unwanted housewife in Felix. The former lives off from pizza and Chinese take out as the latter wants to prepare home cooked meals. As the tensions build, so does the humour.
Filmed on location in 1968 New York, The Odd Couple highlights many structures of New York that have been torn down and areas of the city that have been completely renovated. This is the perfect Sunday afternoon/evening film to watch.

James Brown-Time Is Running Out Fast

Indeed, indeed!! Time is running out fast for capitalism. This is best James Brown track that never gets played on the radio or in clubs.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Americanization of New York City

This short film by Charles Hope was made in 2005. The film is about the homogenization of New York City into any other provincial and suburban North American city. This is the theme of my book and multimedia show The Fall of New York. In between the night shots of the East Village are excerpts taken my from performance during the New York Infringement Festival September 2005.

On The Edge With Max Keiser 18.2.2011

On Press TV, Max Keiser interviews Michael Krieger on the terminal decline of the US Dollar, Peak Oil and how this will bring about Global Revolution. Optimistic, if not naive, Keiser and Krieger hope to have new world based on "true" Free Market capitalism as opposed to the current parasitical financial kleptocracy. Krieger fears the development of a Fascist dictatorship. Too bad neither he nor Keiser envision a free world without capitalism. That is the only long term solution to inequality and injustice.

Economic Hitmen

In this short animated clip, journalist John Perkins lays out in simple terms the economic and political dysfunction of the world today.

Julian Assange On Swedish Television 13.2.2011

In this televised interview from Sunday on SBS Dateline, Julian Assange continues to attack the Australian government of Prime Minister Julia Gillard for its complicity in his persecution, as well for her degrading subservience to the US imperialism. Assange also addresses his falling out with The Guardian newspaper and assesses the impact of the leaked US diplomatic cables vis-a-vis the revolutions in North Africa and the Middle East.

Donna Summer-I Feel Love

Once again, I feel sorry for those that missed the experience of 1977. A note to all the ignorant people: Electronic techno music came from the US in the 1970s pioneered by Black Disco and Hip-Hop artists. Regardless of what one feels about Disco, without it there would be no DJ culture, no modern dance music, no raves, no all night parties. It was Disco culture that created the notion of afterhours.

Radiohead's The King of Limbs: A Raging Fire Peters Out

In their 19th year together, Radiohead have outlasted most of their contemporaries that emerged in the 1990s. The Noughties was the decade of Radiohead. Their first 3 releases starting in the year 2000 were some of the best music ever written and recorded. Indeed, I ranked their 2003 release Hail To The Thief  as album of the decade. Though In Rainbows was a solid record, it fell short of their previous album. 4 years had elapsed between Hail To The Thief and In Rainbows. In turn The King of Limbs follows 4 years after In Rainbows.

To be sure, at this stage of their existence as an ensemble, Radiohead remain advanced than other bands which were still together after nearly 20 years. The Rolling Stones, U2 and the Red Hot Chili Peppers are the most obvious examples of bands staying too long on the shelf after the expiration date. Nine Inch Nails is another band which should have retired after producing its best release in 15 years. Depeche Mode is also a group whose staleness is evident. Radiohead isn't stale but their age is showing. At 42 front man Thom Yorke is middle-aged. Unfortunately, The King of Limbs shows it.

Friday, February 18, 2011

International Travelers Advisory For The USA: Don't Go!

Editorial: This is from an article posted on entitled Why I stopped traveling to the US and I have largely stopped doing business in the US under the name "moderately_anonymous". I am in entire agreement with the assesment. I left the US for this very exact reason and why I try to avoid entering the country as much as possible. I don't even want to fly over the US. The hell of it is I'm a US citizen.

With every trip I've taken to the US over the past 30 years, things have gotten a little worse every time. Things are now so bad that I have stopped visiting the US and i no longer have any clients in the US. Mostly because having clients in the US means having to go there. And I've grown to really dislike going to the US.
I'm a photographer. I mainly do street photography now, but i still do the odd bit of contract work. I travel with expensive gear though not that much of it. I like to travel light. The INS do not like that. If I turn up with just my camera backpack and a small bag of clean underwear for a one week stay I usually have to spend a lot of time being interrogated for my lack of a huge suitcase. (I guess they suspect I live in the US illegally. Which borders on comical since nobody knows more about my travel patterns than the US government. Besides, my passport is usually filled with stamps that should tell them that I travel a lot and that even if I lived in the US, I spend most of my time flitting around the world)

Showdown In Wisconsin

Here we go! The American ruling class has lost Egypt and the rest of North Africa.The rest of Middle East is slipping out of control. The U.S. has already taken its eye off the ball in Latin America. Wisconsin is neo-liberalism's last chance. If Governor Scott Walker succeeds in crushing the working class, then no one will be able to deny that fascism has triumphed in the United States. If, on the other hand, the workers defeat Walker, then it is game over for captialism.

The success or failure of the global revolution rests on the American working class. There are no ifs, ands or buts about it. The only hope for the planet is for American workers to put an end to the nonsense. The world is waiting for the American people to wake up and revolt. If Scott Walker succeeds in Wisconsin, then the revolutions of North Africa and the Middle East will be for naught. If this happens, then the world will be plunged into Global War.

Is it any coincidence that the publicly owned and funded Green Bay Packers won the Super Bowl this year. Workers of the world unite 2.0! Go! Go! Go!

Get On That Soul Train!

This was the official song in the 1970s for Black music show Soul Train. I have identified this song as the  exact transition from Soul and Funk to Disco. I have to disagree with David Byrne for once. In order to survive the coming upheavals, it's imperative to find opportunities to dance living during wartime. ;)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Max Keiser Report: 17.2.2011

Fellow Upper West Side native Max Keiser speaks with Stacy Herbert about carbon credit scams and fake dummy corporations in China. Everything from online virtual cities to virtual farms are worth more than real money and real farms. Ponzi schemes=Suicide economics. Then Max debates Greg Palast on peak oil vs oil dictatorship

The O'Jays-For The Love of Money

This one goes out to my mother, my uncle and cousins who raised me on the best music. My mother swears The O'Jays were "the baddest group ever." I won't argue with mother. I will say that The O'Jays were the best musical act of the 1970s. How I miss the 70s! The O'Jays perform their hit on Soul Train. If there was one thing which made the US superior to any other country it was, without question, its Black popular culture.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Black Dallas County Judge Tells The Tea Party Cracker Jacks Where To Go

After being racially insulted by a white Tea Party cracker who repeatedly referred to him as "Chief Mullah", Dallas County Judge John Wiley Price lost his patience and told them where to go. This is an object lesson on how to deal with the Tea Party. Full story.

Introducing Langston Hughes

Langston Hughes (February 1, 1902 – May 22, 1967) was the most prominent poet of the Harlem Renaissance. Arguably the most radical American poet before the Second World War, Hughes was the voice of resistance against racism and oppression. Hughes ranks as one of Black America's greatest poets of the 20th Century. Funny, lighthearted and scathing in his social and political commentary, Hughes was a world renowned poet. A nomad by nature, Hughes had endless adventures as he "wondered as he wandered" the globe from New York via Europe through to the USSR and Asia.
Sadly he has been forgotten nearly 45 years after his death at the peak of Civil Rights movement. He was replaced by more radical voices such as James Baldwin, Gil Scott Heron and Umar Bin Hassan. Still, none of the rappers today have the artistic talent, the penetrating insight nor the intellectual capacity of Hughes. His only living rival today is Linton Kwesi Johnson.
Below are a series of very rare recorded recitations of Hughes from 1945. Without further ado, I present Langston Hughes.

Anschluß : Canada and US Have Merged

The greatest paranoia of Canadians for decades has been the notion that their country would merge with the United States. These fears have increased since the Canada-US Free Trade Agreement of 1988. When former Prime Minister Jean Chretien broke his 1993 election campaign promise to scuttle NAFTA by signing it into law, many Canadians knew it was only a matter of time before the economic union with the U.S. would lead to political union. In recent years, television films such as H20 have warned of the takeover of Canada by the United States. On February 4th, current Prime Minister Stephen Harper and President Obama signed the North American Security Perimeter. In effect, Canada has signed away its sovereignty over to the United States of America.

Ministry-Lies, Lies, Lies

"Don't listen to me, listen to your head. Don't believe anything they say."

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The World At The Crossroads: What Next?

We are living through the greatest revolutionary upsurge since 1848. The revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt are just the beginning. Those revolutions have just finished Act One. There are at least 3 to 4 more Acts to go before they're complete. Algeria, Morocco, Yemen and others are just starting Act One of their respective revolutions. The world is at an historic crossroad. The question is what comes next?

Robert Moses Television Interview 1953

Robert Moses, in a prescient interview from 1953, discusses the issues of infrastructure such as housing, recreation and highways in the United States. 60 years later, the same issues confront the nation. Moreover,the nation today faces a rotted infrastructure and a severe housing crisis that could not have been imagined back then. Compare Robert Moses' proposals for solutions in 1953 to today's utter dearth of solutions offered today.
Moses was attacked for his emphasis on highways and cars. He was reviled for displacing thousands of people from their homes to construct highways. However, no one was ever rendered homeless by Moses. He provided them with new homes, paid for moving expenses and up to one year's rent for new accommodations.

After Heating Disconnected: State Takes Away Woman's Father

From World Socialist Website
In January, the state of Michigan broke into Wanda Scott's home and took away her elderly father, Walter Scott. They said she was neglectful of his health because she could not afford to heat her home, in effect criminalizing her for poverty. In this video, she speaks about life without heat, the experience of losing her father, and why she is a member of the Committee Against Utility Shutoffs.

Max Keiser Radio-The Truth About Markets 12.2.2011

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert chew the fat on global revolution and continue the propaganda offensive against terrorist bankers.

Joy Division Live 15-9-1979

Transmission and She's Lost Control

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Rollercoaster (1977)

Pity to those that missed 1977. 1977 was the peak of American art and culture. 1977 saw the emergence of Hip Hop, New Wave and Electronic music. 1977 was also a banner year in American cinema. The most famous film to emerge that year was Star Wars which even those born after the year 2000 have seen by now.
Rollercoaster was the first hi-tech visual film to hit American cinemas. Before the now ubiquitous IMAX,  Rollercoaster was one of the first films to be played in Sensurround, which caused audience seats to vibrate at certain scenes.

Rollercoaster is a thriller about a psychopath who gets his kicks by committing terrorism on roller coaster rides at theme parks all across the country. At times downright terrifying, the terror is artfully and skillfully brought to the screen by extraordinary cinematography. This is one of the few films worthy to be watched on a giant plasma screen at home. Rollercoaster is an unforgettable movie. One thing is certain, after watching this film, one will pause before they think of riding on another roller coaster.

Nina Simone-Live At Montreal Jazz Festival 1992

Nina performs "I Put A Spell On You" by Screamin' Jay Hawkins

Saturday, February 12, 2011

The downfall of Hosni Mubarak

The World Socialist Web Site hails the downfall of Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak. There is justified jubilation in the streets of Cairo, Alexandria and other cities, as millions of Egyptian workers and youth celebrate their historic victory.
These extraordinary events are a turning point not only for Egypt, but for the entire world. They have shown the immense social power of the working class, unanswerably refuting claims that the collapse of the Soviet Union signified the “end of history”—that is, the end of class struggle as a factor in human affairs. The victorious heroism of the masses of Egypt in the face of torture, arrests and repression are an inspiration for workers and youth around the globe.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Max Keiser Report 10.2.2011

Speaking with Stacy Herbert, Max Keiser explains the double wammy of economic and ecological disaster. Keiser says the Adam Smith economic model is bust and a new model must be constructed. Keiser takes ownership of the the term "currency war". Later Keiser interviews Joshua Brown.

Video: Victims of Queensland Flood Speak Out Against The Government

The World Socialist Website video reports interview victims of the recent flooding in Australia.

Morning Prayer

XTC-Dear God

Thursday, February 10, 2011

INXS-Need You Tonight/Mediate

In 1987 INXS Kicked it.

All Freaks Came Out Of The Closet By 1978

You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)-Slyvester

Mamdouh Habib tells WSWS: "I was rendered to Egypt and tortured."

From World Socialist Website
By Richard Phillips
9 February 2011
On December 17, the Labor government of Prime Minister Julia Gillard signed an out-of-court settlement with former Guantánamo Bay prisoner Mamdouh Habib to end his legal action over the Australian government’s complicity in his illegal detention, extraordinary rendition, and torture by officials from the United States, Pakistan and Egypt between 2001 and 2005.
The government’s sudden decision came after 54-year-old Habib presented its lawyers with testimony from a former Egyptian military intelligence officer, and from ex-detainee Muhammad Saad Iqbal Madni, who was incarcerated with Habib in Egypt and at Guantánamo Bay.

Max Keiser Report 08.2.2011

 This time Max Keiser and co-host Stacy Herbert talk about fake rice and real inequality and about a 'new model' that looks a whole lot like an old model called capitalism. In the second half of the show, Max talks to Pierre Jovanovic, author "Blythe Masters," about credit default swaps, the Queen of commodities and Marie Antoinette.

Monday, February 07, 2011

The Naked City (1948)

This 1948 classic directed by Jules Dassin was the first motion picture filmed entirely on location in New York City. The city depicted is not the New York of yesterday, not even of yesteryear. New York is revealed in its full glory when it was the largest city in the world. This New York is far from the city of today. It's not the city of my childhood nor that of my parents. This is the city of my grand and great-grandparents. This is the city of Manhattan El's. A city when milk and ice was still delivered by horse and carriage. A city back when Frigidaire was a revolutionary household appliance still out of affordable reach for many working class New Yorkers. This was the city of Robert Moses at his peak of power.
The Naked City is more than a police crime drama about New York. It's a film about America. The America which was the envy of the world. The America which helped to save the world from Fascism. The country which set and led by example to the rest of the world. It's also a film revealing the "golden era" of industrial capitalism.
The Naked City is unlike the wretched police shows of today which pass for culture. Real police and detective work is displayed. There aren't any depictions of police brutality. No threats of torture. There aren't any computers or high tech crime labs with databases of fingerprints and DNA samples. These are tough and smart cops. This is a snapshot of a world which most of us have never experienced and one that none of us will see in the future.

Julian Assange Address

Video address presented to a public meeting held in Melbourne, Australia on Free Speech and Wikileaks.  Friday, February 4 2010


The Pixies were first picked up in the UK. Their success in the US spelled their demise.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

First Spaceship On Venus-DDR (1959)

 Originally entitled Der Schweigende Stern (The Silent Star), First Spaceship On Venus is a East German and Polish produced Sci-Fi film from 1959. The film is based on the novel The Astronauts by Stanislaw Lem. Steeped with Communist politics of internationalism and aesthetics, First Spaceship On Venus is notable for its multiracial cast.
This is one of the best Sci-Fi films ever produced. It's certainly better than anything Hollywood has produced. Star Trek, Star Wars, etc will not be considered good after watching First Spaceship On Venus.
I wanted to post the original German version. Unfortunately, I was unable to find a version online with English subtitles. As most of the visitors to this blog are native English speakers and others speak English as their first foreign language, I have posted the American dubbed version. Enjoy!

The Incident (1967)

This high impact drama directed by Bronx native Larry Peerce shocked many audiences when it was released in 1967. Shot in black and white grittiness, The Incident is the greatest film ever set on the New York subway. In my own subjective opinion, it may very well be the best subway film of all time.
It's after 2AM on Sunday in The Bronx. Two ruffians (Martin Sheen in his debut film role) mug a middle aged man for $8. Seeking more thrills, they decide to take the $8 and head downtown to Times Square. We meet the other characters along the Jerome Avenue elevated line. All of them combat and confront their own inner demons. They are all self-absorbed with themselves until the two ruffians storm their car. One by one, the ruffians terrorize the passengers pyschologically, physically and sexually.
The Incident foreshadows the descent into anarchy which befell New York following the fall of Robert Moses. The Incident was one of the last films before the ratings system took effect. Peerce takes the film to the extremes allowed by the Hayes Office, which itself was becoming out of touch with the shift in cultural and social values.

Sugarhill Gang-8th Wonder

Billboard can make its rankings for the USA. Regardless, this was the number 1 song of New York in 1981.
"And let your worries take a chill pill".


Saturday, February 05, 2011

Oh Canada...Our Bought & Sold Land!!!

Oh Canada! This documentary by Don Matthews blows the lid off of Canada's spotless and squeaky clean image by exposing the criminality of Bay Street and the utter ignorance of Canada's politicians, who are actually the funniest comedians in the world. Featuring the greatest comic politician of all time Paul Martin, Stephen Harper and Iggy Popsicle.

Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five-The Message

This was an early indictment of Neo-Liberalism. The rap has been vindicated. Things are much worse in 2011 than they were back in 1982.


Friday, February 04, 2011

Overdose: The Next Financial Crisis

This Swedish documentary examines the origins of the economic meltdown over the past decade and warns that the next financial crash will be the fatal one. Featuring Gerald Celente, Peter Schiff, Karen Horn and David Walker.

Tom Tom Club-Genius of Love

They went insane when they took cocaine.

Divisions Emerge As Chaos Reigns Over Egypt

One must give Hosni Mubarak plenty of credit. He's a master of political warfare. Mubarak is certainly impressing the world with the level of single minded ruthlessness, not to mention the intrigue, he's employing to maintain power. He is a clever and devious fiend. He has managed to confuse all of Egyptian society. Reports today have confirmed the assessment of this blog yesterday, that the regime offered people 50 Egyptian pounds ($8.50) to carry pro-Mubarak placards. Mubarak has achieved a very important objective. He has managed to divide Egyptians from one another. Instead of a unified mass opposition organised against the government, the masses are now fighting amongst themselves.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Death of a Nation: The Timor Conspiracy-John Pilger

Pilger uncovers the shocking complicity of the US and Great Britain governments in the East Timor genocide - the same governments who were willing to go to war with Saddam Hussein for his invasion of Kuwait, but who stood aside as Indonesia broke the exact same UN regulations to rape and pillage East Timor using Western arms.
"A far away country - a people of whom we know nothing." This was how British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain described Czechoslovakia when the Nazis invaded Prague in the 1930s.
From 1975, the same could be said of East Timor.
Timor is located at the easternmost end of the Indonesian archipelago and lies 300 miles north of Australia in the South Pacific Ocean.
The western part of the island, formerly a Dutch colony, became part of Indonesia upon independence in 1945. East Timor, a Portuguese colony since the sixteenth century, remained under Portuguese rule and decolonisation began only after the revolution in Portugal of 1974.
A power struggle between political parties within East Timor erupted into civil war in the summer of 1975.
In September of that year, Indonesian troops invaded East Timor, supposedly to thwart this 'Communist uprising'.

Max Keiser Report 03.2.2011

Speaking with Stacy Herbert, Max Keiser gets hot under the collar as he flips the script on J.P. Morgan's Jamie Dimon. Keiser equates Federal Reserve Bank Chairman Ben Bernanke with Osama Bin Laden. Bernanke is a "financial terrorist". Later Keiser speaks with Sandeep Jaitly about the need to return to gold based currencies and how J.P. Morgan manipulates the Silver paper market. Both agree that Economics is neither a science nor a philosophy.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Stop UBB In Canada!

Last week, the Canadian Radio and Television Commission decided that it will allow false and misleading information in media. Now, the CRTC is about to allow Usage Based Billing, which will allow Internet providers to increase rates which will marginalise blogs such as this one. Access to free speech and expression will be limited. Of course, Facebook will be the main site to benefit from UBB. More CRAP(Conservative Reform Alliance Party) from Stephen Harper. Canada is cashed. Canadians need to wake up and toss the CRAP in the rubbish bin!

Egypt Descends Into Chaos

Less than 24 hours after millions celebrated the early stages of the end of the hated Mubarak era, the regime has struck back. Thousands of so-called "pro-Mubarak" protesters swarmed on to Tahrir Square menacing the peaceful anti-Mubarak protesters. Suddenly, groups of men mounted on horses and camels armed with clubs and iron bars charged into the square attacking the anti-government protesters. Fistfights erupted. Pitched battles of the two sides hurling stones at each other followed. Pro-Mubarak gangs stormed rooftops. From there they hurled stones, concrete slabs, petrol bombs and satellite dishes 11 storeys down on anti-Mubarak protesters.

James Baldwin Debates William F. Buckley Jr

In 1965, the Black American writer and intellectual James Baldwin debated William F. Buckley Jr, the leading white right wing American intellectual at Cambridge University in the UK. Baldwin was the leading Black intellectual during the Freedom Movement during the 1960s. Buckley was the leading anti-Civil Rights intellectual in the US at the time. Buckley was the presentable face of white supremacy. Unlike the uneducated Crackers of the Deep South, who were only able to express inarticulate emotional rage and hostility to racial equality, Buckley was able to couch his reasoning for white supremacy beneath an intellectual veneer. Buckley became the archetype of "intellectual racism", leaving a trail followed by David Duke and Pat Buchanan. In this debate, Baldwin outlined the intellectual contours of white supremacy and its effects on the intellectual and psychological development on Black Americans. Baldwin noted that it was not only the overt forms of racism that must be fought but the economic rationalisation of racism that must be dismantled. Baldwin effectively showed that Blacks are thinkers and intellectuals on par with whites.

The Jam-Funeral Pyre

They were called The Jam for a reason.

Mubarak Will Step Down!

Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak has just announced that he's stepping down after the next election in September. This announcement has come too little too late. Mubarak is most likely trying to buy time to regroup. According to Jack Shenker for The Guardian, the "overwhelming consensus (by the people) is that is absolutely not enough."
Meanwhile clashes have broken out in Alexandria between anti and pro Mubarek forces. It's most likely that that these are plainclothes security forces ordered by the regime to act as a counter-revolutionary force. They are armed and are shooting.
People are telling Al Jazeera that Mubarek must leave Egypt as soon as possible. They are giving him until Friday to leave the country. His son and pre-selected successor Gamel Mubarak has already been reported to have fled to London. However, Mubarak refuses to leave. "I will die on the soil of Egypt."
Yes but be careful for what you ask for buddy! You may die in Egypt but it won't be in honour and glory. You may not die by natural causes.
The people of Egypt have won an important victory but it's not over yet. The revolution in Egypt is just beginning. There are weeks, possibly months before the revolution runs its course. At the same time, the danger lies that Mubarak, backed by the U.S. will send the military to drown the revolution in blood.
Live coverage here.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

As Americans Are Desperate For Food JP Morgan Profits

There's no bottom to the decrepitude of decaying capitalism. 43 million Americans depend on Food Stamps, the US government program which provides funding to prevent mass starvation. Now comes the news that J.P. Morgan issues Electronic Food Benefits cards and collects a commission for each transaction made by the tens of millions of people dependent upon them. To add insult to injury, when recipients need to check the balance on their cards or have technical issues, they phone a call centre in India also owned by J.P. Morgan to receive assistance. It turns out that the USDA and 26 States plus Washington, D.C. have outsourced the provisioning of Food Stamps to J.P. Morgan.

Max Keiser Report 01.02.2011

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert talk about the latest Wall Street scams. Herbert reveals how Bath Salt is becoming the most popular drug in the US. Keiser explains how Wall Street shits to make money and how Wall Street executives sell shit to each other. Hence the reason why the global economy is in shit. Then Keiser speaks with Nomi Prins about how Goldman Sachs tried to play and scam Facebook.

CrossTalk On Egypt: Power To The People?

A Russia Today program debate on the revolution in Egypt. Is it a popular mass uprising or is it another Made In The USA "democracy building" scam? Will the masses free themselves of Mubarek but remain subservient to Western imperialism? Featuring Tariq Ali.

The Age of Infantile Regression

When I was a high school student in New York during the 1980s we used to say the following to others who behaved foolishly: Hey! Act your age, not your IQ! In other words, behave like a mature adult rather than an infant. Nearly 25 years later on I find myself wanting to say that to more and more people. Europe is suffering from a debilitating identity crisis. It doesn’t confront its issues rationally as mature and responsible adults. While North America doesn’t suffer from an identity crisis ( apart from Canada’s permanent questioning of itself), Western civilisation is in the process of   de-evolution to infantile regression.
In 1996, the American poet  Robert Bly wrote a book entitled “ The Sibling Society “. In that book, he wrote that the  United States and Americans were no longer adults. Rather, the society had regressed back to adolescence. He cited the partisan battles between then President Bill Clinton and the Republican leadership of Congress as case examples of an adolescent society. He said that American society had become conformist adolescence competitors and warned of the danger of fascism. Four years later, another middle aged adolescent by the name of  George W. Bush was seated in the White House.