Friday, February 24, 2012

The Electric Company

The Electric Company was an American children's educational television program which aired on PBS from 1971-77. Considered revolutionary and ground-breaking at the time, the Electric Company to this day remains one of the highest quality children's programming. The program's main educational focus was on reading, grammar and phonics.
Arguably one of the most left-wing and politically subversive programs ever devised for children, The Electric Company openly dealt with sexuality, drugs and politics. Along with Sesame Street, it was among the first American TV programs to have a multi-racial cast featuring Blacks, Hispanics, Asians and whites.
The production and acting was first rate and helped to launch the careers of Bill Cosby and Morgan Freeman. Rita Moreno was already an established actress when she joined the cast.
The Electric Company was notable for using advanced technology for its time. There was much creative dynamic energy put in. It's funk music soundtrack is outstanding. The pioneering development of Electronic music and instruments are astonishing considering they were developed 40 years ago.
The Electric Company had received grants and funding from the Ford and Carnegie Foundations. However, unhappy with the increasing subversive programing, Ford and Carnegie withdrew funding and The Electric Company went off the air in 1977.
I have attempted to put together a collection of various clips from the opening credits to closing credits, to replicate an entire episode of The Electric Company. Enjoy!
-Der Kosmoanut

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