Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thrashed Up and Down In Vienna

"Vienna is essentially an art-mill, or the biggest art-mill in the world, into which everybody leaps of their own free will.... and all the singers, actors, stage-directors, fling themselves into the mill, and down below the flour comes out.  But this process can only be kept going for so long before the flour for some reason comes out all moldy and smelly.
Once again, in this case a division of the art-mill, the, you know, theater division of the Viennese art-mill, will pulverize everything.  The good people are either struck down, or they kill themselves, they shoot themselves, hang themselves, or they are killed, shot, exiled, hanged, right[?]  Even the suicide doesn’t tie the noose he hangs himself with; rather, the director [of the play] ties the noose for the actor he wants to get rid of, or can’t put up with any longer, or what have you."
-Thomas Bernhard 1984

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