Sunday, June 24, 2012

Spain Sucks

I will soon write why I hate this backwards, stupid, reactionary and slow country. Presently, I'm trying to figure out how to get the Hell out of here with the quickness.
-Der Kosmonaut
Costa De Luz, Spain

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Greetings From Spain

Marbella, Spain
19 June 2012
By Der Kosmonaut
As the West goes into accerlated decline and the EU is on the verge of breaking up, I'm spending the summer slowly wandering along the south coast of Spain and Portugual. I must confess that it's a relief to be far away from Vienna. It seems quite appropiate for me to be in two of the countries which seem to be the catalyst for the death swan of capitalism.

I'm writing copious notes of my impressions and insights. I will share these insights periodically over the course of the summer. I ask my readers to be patient.
In the meantime, I'm presenting two music videos from Spain.
Clandestino by Manu Chau

Camaron de la Isla

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Friday, June 08, 2012

Quebec Students Spearhead Pan-Canadian Uprising Against Austerity

From Voltaire Non-Aligned Press Network
By Joshua Blakeney
It’s likely that Canadians’ willingness to come to the streets to demonstrate against the nefariousness of the political class en mass stems from the recent revelations that there was widespread election fraud in the May 2011 Canadian election which provided Canada’s branch of the global neoconservative movement, led by Stephen Harper, with a much coveted majority in the Canadian parliament. In more than two-hundred of Canada’s three-hundred and eight electoral ridings there is uncomfortable evidence of election fraud which leads many Canadians to view their government as illegitimate and anti-democratic.

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Thursday, June 07, 2012


Introducing Se Mustard Terrorist

I had the privledge to see Se Mustard Terrorist play at EKH in Vienna on April 19. This duo from Linz compelled me to dance even though I was the only one in the audience who danced to them.
There blog can be found here.

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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

The Brother From Another Planet (1984)

Black alien on the run from his home planet crashes into New York Harbor in 1984. He climbs out of the water and finds himself at the closed Ellis Island Immigration Centre.
The Brother finds his way into Harlem and quickly discovers the power relations of race, drugs and economics. Two white bounty hunters from the Brother's home planet are on his trail. The film is a metaphor of slavery, racism and xenophobia.
Directed by John Sayles

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Sunday, June 03, 2012

Karl Kraus: In Diesem Land

In diesem Land wird niemand lächerlich,
als der die Wahrheit sagte. Völlig wehrlos
zieht er den grinsend flachen Hohn auf sich.
Nichts macht in diesem Lande ehrlos.

In diesem Land münzt jede Schlechtigkeit,
die anderswo der Haft verfallen wäre,
das purste Gold und wirkt ein Würdenkleid
und scheffelt immer neue Ehre.

In diesem Land gehst du durch ein Spalier
von Beutelschneidern, die dich tief verachten
und mindestens nach deinem Beutel dir,
wenn nicht  nach deinem Gruße trachten.

In diesem Land schließt du dich doch nicht aus,
fliehst du gleich ängstlich die verseuchten Räume.
Es kommt die Pest dir auch per Post ins Haus
und sie erwürgt dir deine Träume.

In diesem Land trifftst du in leere Luft,
willst treffen du die ausgefeimte Bande,
und es begrinst gemütlich jeder Schuft
als Landsmann dich in diesem Lande.
-Karl Kraus 1923

Here In This Land  (English)
Here in this land no one gets ridicule
but he who tells the truth. He then must stand
defenseless and attract some smirking, cool
disdain. Nothing dishonors in this land.

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Friday, June 01, 2012

Der Kosmonaut Live Performance Ausflug Im Wort

Live in Vienna at Galerie Kultur Drogerie Janurary 2008
Der Kosmonaut(Singer)
With Killian (Bass), Petra (Mask and Dancer), Andi Luf (Guitar, Percussion)

I Remember New York (Text and music by Der Kosmonaut)

Drifting Underground (Text by Der Kosmonaut. Music arranged by Andi Luf and Killian)

Video by Jan Korbelik

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