Saturday, December 22, 2012

Thought of the Month

"I'm afraid that no one around me comprehends my potato. I guess that I'm only a spud boy looking for a real tomato."

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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Introducing Echo And The Bunnymen

Echo And The Bunnymen were an above-average yet underrated New Wave group from Liverpool. This is one of their strongest tracks musically.
The Killing Moon (All Night Version)

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Roots of Evil: Capitalism

By Herbet Salit
If Capitalism is a system where Capitalists ideally are free to look-out for their own interests only, and none other, and also are completely free from any responsibility to restrain any of their actions, then, what is a Capitalist? As explained, a Capitalist is a person who thinks only about themselves; thus, a Capitalist is the opposite of a person who follows “The Golden Rule.” It's a type of personality; a species of personal character. A Capitalist is a person with no sense of responsibility for anyone or anything else.  A Capitalist is someone who believes that their individual rights and wants, only, are what counts, and a Capitalist never wastes time looking at things from another person's point-of-view, because to them that would be meaningless and “inefficient!” Being a Capitalist is about the person, not their property; therefore, it has nothing at all to do with having money (capital) to invest, or with owning or running a business, or with whatever a person does for their livelihood. A person is molded into, raised as, a Capitalist, with or without money, wealth or property. Capitalism's fundamental ethos, is “me first, me second, me last.” It's all about me!
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Devo On Art, Culture, Capitalism and the Continuning Neccesity of Radical Social and Political Criticism

From Q TV
Devo founders Jerry Casale and Bob Casale explain the history of De-evolution in the context of American social-political degeneration 40 years ago to the present. Devo explain the neccesity of radical critical art today now more than ever. The band elaborates on the domination of corporate totalitarian capitalism which they foresaw 40 years ago, as well as the paradoxes and challenges of using corporate entities and methods to combat exactly what they oppose.
Interview taken from 2009.

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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Excerpts of an Interview of Voltaire Network Editor Thierry Meyssan With Serbian Magazine Geopolitka

From Voltaire Non Aligned Press Network 
Originally appeared in Serbo-Croatian in Geopolitika

By Thierry Meyssan
Geopolitika: What do you think of the situation in Serbia and difficult path traveled by Serbia in the past two decades?
Thierry Meyssan: Serbia has been exhausted by the series of wars which it has had to face, particularly the conquest of Kosovo by NATO. It is indeed a war of conquest since it concludes by the amputation of the country and the recognition by NATO of the unilateral independence of Camp Bondsteel, that is to say of a NATO base.
A majority of Serbs thought they needed to be closer to the European Union. This ignores the fact that the European Union is the civil side of one piece of which NATO is the military flip side. Historically the EU was created under secret clauses of the Marshall Plan, it has preceded NATO, but it is nonetheless part of the same project of Anglo-Saxon domination.

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Friday, December 14, 2012

Far Rockaway Under Attack

Hurricane Sandy was either a godsend for the real estate vampires who suck New York City dry or it translated into multi-millionaire dollar loses. In any event Sandy was a first class disaster for the working class residents of The Rockaways. Not only were thousands of homes destroyed and runied permantly after the storm, many remain without heat and power more than one month after the storm. Not only is subway service destroyed for at least another six months but many residents face more than two hours travel time to get towards the centre of the city.
However, Far Rockaway has been under the cross-hairs of the real estate vampires bringing the plague of gentrification. The privatization of the city's public housing stock has been underway now for at least five years. These two videos made by a former resident and community activist Philip Muhammad of Far Rockaway Under Attack provides more background.
Disaster capitalism strikes again. More and more the New York's dwindling Black and Hispanic population are facing the prospect of being banished and within 5 years will have vanished from the city.

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Nearly One and One Half Months After Sandy: Rockaway Residents Continue To Live In Misery

From World Socialist Website
By Philip Guelpa

The callous indifference of the ruling class to the plight of working class residents in areas such as the Rockaways is exemplified by billionaire Mayor Bloomberg’s two perfunctory visits, as well as by his callous and complacent statements that all was nearly normal in the days following the hurricane. Six days after the storm, the mayor made a brief stop in the area. He had hoped for a quick “photo op,” but was instead confronted by angry residents demanding to know why they were not receiving assistance. The mayor had no response except to say that people should be patient. In a return visit several weeks later, Bloomberg was kept well away from local people by a phalanx of police.

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Monday, December 10, 2012

Thought Of The Year