Sunday, January 06, 2013

Contemporary Socialist Revolution

With capitalism becoming a destructive totalitarian order, Marx’s conception of socialist revolution has become obsolete. Marx does not arrive at the concept of socialist revolution relative to capitalism as a destructive totalitarian order, but relative to capitalism as an exploitatory order with a “revolutionary”  character. For Marx, a socialist revolution is the last revolution in the history of humankind and therefore the final act in man’s struggle for freedom.  At the same time, by sticking to existential apriorism, Marx does not regard the socialist revolution as the beginning of a decisive struggle for survival, but as the end of the historical process of man’s bonding with nature and the beginning of the true history of humankind.

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Thursday, January 03, 2013

Devo Live-1980

On the eve of Ronald Reagan's election as president in 1980, Devo made a last ditch attempt to change the outcome. Acutely sensing the danger of Reagan's presidency with the rise of corporate fascism in America, Devo went on the offensive. Unfortunately, art and culture as well as rock n roll cannot change the world.  This extraordinary concert performed  at the Phoenix Theater in Petaluma, California is one of the rare full length concerts from Devo available on video still in good quality.
Devo is not only the best white American band in the history of rock but they are without a doubt the best white band to emerge anywhere in the world over the past 40 years. I hang my head in shame and embarrassment for my generation and those younger. No one, not the Pixies, not Nine Inch Nails, not Radiohead, not Blur and sure as hell not Nirvana have come anywhere near as close to the artistic, creative and intellectual talent of Devo. It's a damning indictment on the degeneration of Western intellect and creativity that music and culture today is no where close the level of Devo in 1980. The Future was yesterday. De-Evolution is real. We're all Devo!
Band members:
Bob#2 Casale-Synthesizers, Rythm Guitar, Backing Vocals
Gerald V. Casale-Synthesizers, Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals, Lead Vocals on "Mongoloid", "Be Stiff", "Smart Patrol/Mr. DNA"
Alan Myers-Drums
Bob#1 Mothersbaugh-Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals, Lead Vocals on "Secret Agent Man" and "Smart Patrol/Mr. DNA"
Mark Mothersbaugh-Lead Vocals, Synthesizers, Guitar

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