Monday, February 18, 2013


By Ljubodrag Simonović
Capitalists use technology to reduce the immediate adverse effects of environmental changes and thus make an even larger profit. The ecological crisis threatens man's survival, but it is “controlled” by the development of technology that selectively reduces its effects. This is one more way of using technology as a political tool with which capitalists manipulate man's living conditions and thus become the masters of life and death. Ultimately, it is not about creating a new world, but about creating a parallel world, to be used as a shelter for capitalistically degenerated man. Capitalism destroys the living world by producing its technical surrogate – capitalist catacombs. The creation of the myth about the “omnipotence of science and technique”; about the “cosmic future of humankind”; “man-cyborg”; the idea of man's being based on technocracy; the Olympic maxim citius, altius, fortius, and the Olympic calculation of time with a mythological character ... – all this is used to destroy both critical thought that could unmask the destructive nature of capitalism and the visionary consciousness that opens a space for the future. 

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