Monday, March 25, 2013

Here's Where The Story Ends

Es gibt kein Zukunft
Es gibt kein Leben nach dem Tod.
-Der Kosmonaut
Wien, 25 März 2013

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Sunday In Lagos

Don't piss on my face! Said the Jew to the atheist.
Don't wish for such a thing replied the atheist to the Jew.
The atheist was hungry for flesh. The Jew thirsty for blood.
The atheist only cared for the stomach. The Jew the heart.
Across the way stood the old slave market today a museum.
How can there be a slave museum? Asked the Lisbonite.
So not to forget the past, replied the American.
The Italian could speak Portuguese but no other tongue than his mother.
The Italian fancied the reserved and introverted Austrian.
The Austrian thought of his girlfriend in Wien and hoped to find some Anglo-Dutch clams to feast upon.
Sorry! I didn't mean to take the piss! Pleaded the desperate Englishman to the stern and taciturn Portuguese constable.
The four eyed Gemini hadn't eaten all day.
He tried to barter his jacket for cash and instead received hash.
He tried to exchange the hash for paper bills but received a psychoactive pill. His body he still failed to fill.
A dozen blonde Australians  stand stooped  over the bar wearing paper cones upon their heads. They began drinking Saturday morning. It's now sunday evening.
They haven't budged nor interrupted their drinking.
A would be painter who fancies herself a poet chases her own reflection in the hustler's eyes believing it to be love.
The New Yorker reads Moby Dick and concludes that 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea is the novel's intended sequel.
The paranoid schizephrenic  sits ill at ease as he hears sinister intentions in the mad squawking of the seagulls with Hitchcock directing his thoughts.
The sexually frustrated Black man directs his ire and rage against the white race.
He's desperate for racial political liberation.
The philosopher sits in the Praca dismayed. He cannot understand Post-Modern man.
A most vexing and perplexing question convulves him:
Why are people afraid of what's harmless but non-plussed by deadly and mortal threats surrounding them?
The alienated man watches the scene with  detached cyncism.
He regrets very much the fact that he must see and interact with humanity.
They're his inferior yet happier and more relaxed than he.
It's been a lazy Sunday in Lagos.
-Der Kosmonaut
Lagos, Portugal
August 2012

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