Thursday, March 27, 2014

What Does Crimea Mean To Russia?

From Voltaire Network
By Oriental Review

On March 18, 2014, Russian President Vladimir Putin made a historic speech about the reunification of Crimea and Russia. A referendum held in Crimea two days before in full compliance with standard democratic procedures and the rules of international law, shocked many by it’s results: there was an 82% turnout rate, with almost 97% of those casting their ballots in favor of reunification with Russia. These numbers were so astonishing that there still seem to be many people in the West who cannot bring themselves to believe how much the Crimeans truly longed to return home. And indeed, without an awareness of this land’s heroic history that has been so liberally washed in Russian blood, this public enthusiasm might seem irrational, or even artificial.

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Ukrainian Junta and Maidan

By Alexander Gaponenko

Militants are waiting for orders to stage the next coup, until now then they are just killing time looking for something to do. At nights they settles the scores among themselves, the sounds of shootings are heard in the city. More people come to join their ranks. Sometimes they burn and damage building in the heart of the city. The House of Architecture has been devastated by fire, the city’s construction inspector’s archive is in ruins and an unsuccessful attack was launched against the office of Rossotrudnichestvo (the Russian Federal Agency for the Commonwealth of Independent States, Compatriots Living Abroad and International Humanitarian Cooperation). Off and on they go «to guard» banks.
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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Der Kosmonaut Orbits M|A|R|R|S

Saturday, March 22, 2014

If They See-We

A bit of illbient music to take the edge off the high strung nerves.

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Ukrainian Nazi Agitates For "Murder" of Anti-Fascists

Friday, March 21, 2014

The Missing Malaysia Airlines Jet MH370: Electrical Fire, Loss of Transponders

From Global Research

By By Chris Goodfellow

There has been a lot of speculation about Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. Terrorism, hijacking, meteors. I cannot believe the analysis on CNN; it’s almost disturbing. I tend to look for a simpler explanation, and I find it with the 13,000-foot runway at Pulau Langkawi.

We know the story of MH370: A loaded Boeing 777 departs at midnight from Kuala Lampur, headed to Beijing. A hot night. A heavy aircraft. About an hour out, across the gulf toward Vietnam, the plane goes dark, meaning the transponder and secondary radar tracking go off. Two days later we hear reports that Malaysian military radar (which is a primary radar, meaning the plane is tracked by reflection rather than by transponder interrogation response) has tracked the plane on a southwesterly course back across the Malay Peninsula into the Strait of Malacca. How It’s Possible to Lose an Airplane in 2014 

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Bankrupt West Playing Russian Roulette

From PressTV 
By Finian Cunningham 
In the ensuing social chaos, the people of Europe and America will not 
blame Russia for their greatly exacerbated misery and social collapse.
They will turn long pent-up anger and disgust on to their venal and
corrupt so-called leaders. The Western ruling class has used up every
vestige of moral authority and legitimacy in the face of millions of irate
workers and unemployed. Illegal wars of aggression, massive austerity and
years of elite plundering will come home in a tidal wave of revolt. 
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Fascist Ukrainian Politician Assaults and Forces Head of Ukraine TV Broadcaster To Resign

From RT
Pony-tailed Xenophobic Ukrainian Svoboda MP Igor Miroshnichenko with the help of party ideologist Andrey Ilyenko yelled, abused and beat interim head of Ukraine's National TV Aleksandr Panteleymonov, accusing the channel of being 'anti-Ukrainian' and bullying the executive - whose 'I'm Ukrainian!' claims were met with 'You are shit!' - into writing a resignation letter. The MP claims to represent the new Freedom and Information committee of Ukraine

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Monday, March 17, 2014

Facists and Racists Back Off!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Out For Now-We

DJ Kosmonaut just checking in to drop some old school NYC funky beats out to the world.

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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Vierte Walpurgisnacht

By Der Kosmonaut
  Pity is the most degrading feeling a human being can hold for another human. There are certain people who are inescapably miserable and nothing can be done about it. It was a most pitiful sight to see the Federal Chancellor of Germany go before the Bundestagand all the world to threaten Russia. Apart from the obvious insanity of such declarations, it is evident before the entire world that Angela Merkel and the entire German ruling class are utterly subservient to the dictates of Washington, D.C. There's no bottom to the abyss that Germany has plunged Europe and the entire world into. The hell of it is that Merkel and all the Western European ruling class know this is suicide. Once again, Geothe's prophesies manifest into historical reality.
  Think about it. On 13 March 2014 Germany officially threatened Russia for the third time within 100 years. The first two times Germany threatened Russia over the past century plunged humanity into catastrophe.
  Think about it. On 24 February 2014, Fascists andNeo-Nazis seized state power for the first time in Europe since 1945. These political and social forces are armed and financed by Germany and the United States of America. The USA has decided to unleash Germany against Russia.
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Dicks get erections
Missiles are launched
Patriots have sex with the flag
Dissidents are called stupid fags

Pledge allegiance to the Big Boss Man
The men that live high on the Hogg
The ones that inhabit down south outside of Atlanta
In a county called Cobb

Colonel Sanders fries the doves
Barbecues spare tires
Goodyear for rubber stamps

Bouncing cheques off cheeks of asses
Anal anus retains the shit not suitable for steer
Mid earth slaughterhouses of petty quarrels
Insignificant platitudes of testosterone

All praise and glory to St. Cum
Thank you St. Cum for making life sticky
Than you St. Cum for leaving a mess
Give thanks to St. Cum for the meal of drippy running eggs
Thank God that St. Cum is white
We give thanks to God that St. Cum
Provides the discharge of erect dicks and launched missiles
More white dicks and cum to fuck the world

-Der Kosmonaut
Montreal, QC Canada

"New World Order" illustration by Ljubodrag Duci Simonović

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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Fascist Takeover of Ukraine Is Sponsored By NATO



The West's interests in Ukraine may be part of a much bigger picture. That's according to former German MP and Vice President of the OSCE Assembly, Willy Wimmer. Back in 90's, he expressed alarm over NATO's expansion plans during the alliance's bombing campaign of Yugoslavia. In fact, he was so concerned - he wrote a letter to then-Chancellor Gerhard Schröder. Now Willy Wimmer believes that plan is still in action and the crisis in Ukraine is a major part of achieving it.

FOLLOW LIVE UPDATES on Ukrainian turmoil:

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Fascist Thuggery Unleashed By Central "Authorities" From Kiev

Draw Your Sword!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Смерть фашизму !!!!!!!


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Monday, March 10, 2014

Emergency Commentary

By Der Kosmonaut
 I have decided to reactivate this blog because of the extraordinary events unfolding in Ukraine. Before our very eyes, Fascists and Neo-Nazis have staged a violent overthrow of a legitimate government in Europe. These far-right groups are not only responsible for most of the violence on the streets of Kiev but they are  financed and armed by the governments of Poland, Germany, Israel and the United States. Most telling is the direct connection with groups such as Right Sector with American Jewish and Israeli Zionists. Just as Mussolini and the Blackshirts used the tactics of the Russian Bolsheviks to seize power in Rome, the Ukrainian Fascists and Neo-Nazis have used the tactics of the “Anarchist” Black Bloc and other “direct action” “affinity groups” which have their political roots in Autonomism. In other words, the far-right has used the violent confrontation tactics following the trends set by the “Anti-Globalization” protests (1999-2007) to the “Occupy” protests (2011-2012). In fact, what we are witnessing in Europe is the logical conclusion of Queer Feminism and the political discourse of Postmodernism.
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The Fascist Takeover Of Ukraine and the Resistance In Crimea

From RT

From the late 18th century Crimea was a part of Russia; that was until 1954 when Soviet Leader Nikita Khrushchev, issued a decree transferring the small Black Sea peninsular from Russia to Ukraine which was still a part of the USSR. Crimea is, to this day, mostly populated by Russians, though there are also many Ukrainians and Crimean Tatars. The current situation on the peninsula is tense and complicated, people are divided; some of them want Crimea to return to being a part of Russia, others support an undivided Ukraine. A referendum on Crimea's future status will take place on March 16th 2014. RT sent a camera crew to Crimea to hear directly from some residents of this troubled part of the world.

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Sunday, March 09, 2014

Ukraine-Die Rückkehr des Faschismus in Europa