Monday, March 10, 2014

Emergency Commentary

By Der Kosmonaut
 I have decided to reactivate this blog because of the extraordinary events unfolding in Ukraine. Before our very eyes, Fascists and Neo-Nazis have staged a violent overthrow of a legitimate government in Europe. These far-right groups are not only responsible for most of the violence on the streets of Kiev but they are  financed and armed by the governments of Poland, Germany, Israel and the United States. Most telling is the direct connection with groups such as Right Sector with American Jewish and Israeli Zionists. Just as Mussolini and the Blackshirts used the tactics of the Russian Bolsheviks to seize power in Rome, the Ukrainian Fascists and Neo-Nazis have used the tactics of the “Anarchist” Black Bloc and other “direct action” “affinity groups” which have their political roots in Autonomism. In other words, the far-right has used the violent confrontation tactics following the trends set by the “Anti-Globalization” protests (1999-2007) to the “Occupy” protests (2011-2012). In fact, what we are witnessing in Europe is the logical conclusion of Queer Feminism and the political discourse of Postmodernism.
 The world now sits on the precipice of atomic annihilation. The United States and its vassal states in Europe have used the greatest historical political enemy of Russia, Fascism in order to dismember the country. Russia has no other course but to wage war or else face extermination. This is neither hyperbole nor exaggeration.
  Every progressive political philosophy has been perverted and subverted. “Revolution” is no longer a progressive social historical force but is now used for “regime change”. Every “revolution” since 2000 (Yugoslavia, Ukraine, Georgia, Lebanon, Libya just to name ones off the top of my head) has been a staged coup trained and financed by US Government agencies through its many tentacles. Naïve but well meaning citizens fed up with corrupt and incompetent politicians were duped, corralled and used by the United States, Germany, EU and NATO to advance the imperial interests of totalitarian capitalism. It is for this reason that many Serbs today abhor “revolution”. After the last “revolution” which overthrew Slobodan Milosevic, conditions in both Serbia and practically all the former republics of Yugoslavia are much worse off. If “Revolutionary” Anarchists, Socialists, Communists organized an insurrection, would society not further regress and degenerate? All of these terms have no meaning anymore today. In point of fact, one can convincingly argue that Anarchism has prevailed. Totalitarian Capitalism is economic anarchy. Social cohesion is off kilter. Interpersonal and social relations are non-existent. We are in a war of all against all. Gangsterism, Lynch Mobs, thuggery and thievery is the new normal. Values and ethics have been excreted out of existence. Lies have replaced truths. Hypocrisy has become the one and only principle. In essence the world is being compelled to take part in a Hard Core Suicide Death Pact. The world has turned upside down and has spun out of control    
  However, I cannot allow myself to be silenced. It's time to speak up again. We may very well be experiencing the last days of life on Earth. I will continue to post essays, videos and articles on the events in Ukraine. It must be noted that the United States is desperate. As Thierry Meyssan has written, the US is attempting to overthrow three governments at the same time: Ukraine, Syria and Venezuela. Meyssan warns that if Washington "succeeds, no government would be henceforth able to resist it." 
  To break it down for readers: The United States of America has declared war on each and every country which refuses to submit to Totalitarian Capitalism. Regardless of whether one likes it or not, Vladimir Putin is the only thing that stands between a Global Totalitarian order which will make the grandiose themes of Hitler seem like mediocre reveries. Make no mistake: Russia and China are the only two countries which are capable of saving humanity from Global Totalitarian Capitalism. The danger in all this madness is that the ruling class of Totalitarian Capitalism have issued an ultimatum to the world: Submit or we will wipe out all life on this planet. Essentially, we are now presented the grim choice of slavery under capitalism or the mushroom cloud.

Pacific Northwest, USA

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