Saturday, March 15, 2014

Vierte Walpurgisnacht

By Der Kosmonaut
  Pity is the most degrading feeling a human being can hold for another human. There are certain people who are inescapably miserable and nothing can be done about it. It was a most pitiful sight to see the Federal Chancellor of Germany go before the Bundestagand all the world to threaten Russia. Apart from the obvious insanity of such declarations, it is evident before the entire world that Angela Merkel and the entire German ruling class are utterly subservient to the dictates of Washington, D.C. There's no bottom to the abyss that Germany has plunged Europe and the entire world into. The hell of it is that Merkel and all the Western European ruling class know this is suicide. Once again, Geothe's prophesies manifest into historical reality.
  Think about it. On 13 March 2014 Germany officially threatened Russia for the third time within 100 years. The first two times Germany threatened Russia over the past century plunged humanity into catastrophe.
  Think about it. On 24 February 2014, Fascists andNeo-Nazis seized state power for the first time in Europe since 1945. These political and social forces are armed and financed by Germany and the United States of America. The USA has decided to unleash Germany against Russia.

  Think about it. Germany, more than the USA was the greatest enemy of Russia during the 20th Century.
This is the thing: Germany and the EU have just torn its ass with Russia. It's impossible for there to be any mutual trust or respect between Russia and the EU which is really the tool in which Germany has constructed a dictatorship over Europe.
 It cannot be overstated: The European Union is the ultimate achievement of what German capitalism had twice failed to do in the previous century. Now that Germany has conquered Europe and have gained Eastern European colonies (managed by Vienna which has for all intents and purposes re-constituted the Hapsburg Empire) and can dictate economic and social policies in Southern Europe, the German ruling class feels they can press their luck and finally check Russia once and for all.
 Aber schade. But like the Sorrows of Young Werther, the sorrows of the young Federal Republic of Germany will end in tragedy. By directly threatening Russia, Germany has lost the former's confidence.
Russia will have no choice but to see Germany as a direct security and strategic threat. Russia will be forced to stop doing business with the West and invest its money East and South.
Germany and the EU will have to write off billions of Euros of investments. They will lose the privilege of looting the Russian working class.
 Moreover, there will be increased covert actions to embarrass and destabilize Germany and the EU. There will be floods of leaks which will reveal to the world the treacherous nature of the “leaders” of freedom, democracy, blah, blah, blah.
 It turns out that the skeptics from 1990-1993 were right afterall. Not everyone bought into the euphoria about the fall of Berlin Wall and reunified Germany entailed a century of sunny peace. To the contrary. Since 1990, Germany quickly acted to dominate Europe by destabilizing Yugoslavia through sending covert agents and arms into Croatia, bribing Slovenia to declare “independence” and eventually bombing and occupying Bosnia, Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia Both the European Union and the expansion of NATO are built on the ashes of Yugoslavia. Recently, the German government has announced the re-militarization of the country. Germany is now back as an imperialist power. This time, Germany will be on the side of the “Allied Powers”. German militarization, authoritarianism, and National Socialism are being revived to pursue the agenda of Totalitarian Capitalism.
Germany is doomed. When doomed Germany leads Europe to war, then it's game over. The hardcore sado-masochistic pornographic program ofextreme limitless capitalism, known as the European Union, will drown in its own semen and gag on its on genitals. Long live ST. CUM!

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