Saturday, February 13, 2016

Get Used To It!

Drank too much one night
Too hung over to get out of bed
To get ass to work
Boss going to chew it out
Get used to it! 

Work too much always broke
Week to week on dodgy cheque
Only for Metro Card and rent
Always bumming a cigarette
Get used to it! 

Lover nags nags nags
Complaining that not enough attention is paid
The lay is boring and communication uninspiring
To her the reply
Get used to it! 

Looking at the world
Observing corruption violence racial strife
Searching desperately a radical solution
To which totalitarian capitalism replies with chuckle
Get used to it! 
Stepping out of cozy home
Wind giggles once
Slices the bones
Months of grey darkness
Montreal says
Get used to it! 

To write to write to write
The day it stops is the day to die
The day of death remains unknown
Until then live as a poet
Get used to it!
-Der Kosmonaut
February 2001
Montreal, Quebec Canada  

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