Friday, February 12, 2016

Le Métro Bleue

To retaliate and show off
I freaked out on the Metro
A private affair for public view
The bouncing blue wheels of rubber
Utter utter and demand attention
I show attention to other distractions
Metro fare paid attention to details
If one wants to dance
If one wants to sing
If one wants to laugh
To space to zone to disconnect
The black grills hang in four
From the ceiling constantly blowing air
Four seasons in a lost spin
Spinning micro generators
From the rectangular cable
Lost in Dead Prez
Maintaining the ethos of Bauhaus
Looking for glimpses of Pixies
With the beat of James Brown
The funky chords of O’Jays ignoring Blue Jays
Never missing Préfontaine
On the way home or
On to another adventure of randomness
Nothing is beautiful
Nothing is ugly
Everything is how it is
Why that is the case
Is not an important lawsuit
To petition the court
-Der Kosmonaut
Montreal, Quebec Canada
Spring 2001 

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