Tuesday, March 22, 2016

A Tale of Two Flies

By Der Kosmonaut 
  There once were two flies and this story will tell how there was only one left. The first fly was a common outdoor fly. He was originally a House Fly but was evicted by the Jocko Homosapiens whose dwelling he had tried to survive. His first survival lesson was that Jocko Homos don't like the likes of him. They persistently and aggressively tried to kill him. They deployed a weapon which would cause him to crash while flying or would crush him while standing on the surface. Like most of his fellow species he had quick reflexes and happened to just escape out from harms way. It came to pass that the Jocko Homos had poisoned the atmosphere and he had no choice but to fly out the open window never to return.

  Outdoors he didn't have to worry about the Jocko Homos but in retrospect they were easy to avoid than his natural predators he had to contend with. Dragonflies were the most dangerous as they were ten times his size, with four wings more than one hundred times larger and wider than his. They could fly fast and had more agility. He had only ever managed to escape Dragonflies by flying into crevices too small for his pursuers to enter. Then there were the Arachnids he had to beware of. They had invisible sticky traps which would wrap around your legs and body, especially the more one tried to move. He was unfortunate to get stuck in the trap once. Fortunately for him it was an abandoned one as the Arachnid who had built it had moved away. It took him hours before he was able to wriggle free. He fell out and landed on his back and was left unconscious. Upon regaining consciousness he flew away. His second encounter with an Arachnid was just before her threshold. "Come into my parlor for I have something to show you." Ms. Arachnid said with the most pleasant congeniality.  "No thank you." He replied. "Tell me something. What are you doing with your legs and your ass?" "Oh I'm just knitting sweaters for my visitors." Ms. Arachnid replied with the sweetness of a kind hearted grandmother. He didn't get the good sense about her and flew about his merry way. The longer he existed, the more he saw just how deadly the world was for his kind. He had seen millions of his compatriots trapped and dead. He began to recognize and see the patterns. On this particular day he stood on the wall and observed eight trapped and dying. Aha! He thought. Another trap but this time set by the Jocko Homos. It was here that he was joined by another fly.
  The second was Super Fly. He was a green backed fly. He was on a superiority trip because his Exoskeleton was lighter than others. He thought that flies with black or brown Exoskeleton were inferior to him. Super Fly was the most fashionable. He always followed the masses. He was also the first one to land on new shit. In fact as soon as Jocko Homo or Canine ever released shit he could smell it many distances away. As soon as the mammals took a dump he was on the shit. He was rather keen on the New Shit. The Newer the better. He didn't like Old Shit. Leave that for the black and brown flies. He had to consume the latest shit. The hotter it was, the better. For him there was nothing better than Fresh Hot Shit. One could say that he was a connoisseur of Fine Shit. He fancied himself living in Beverly Hills which is nothing less than a heap of gold plated Shit. He always followed the masses because they were always looking for the best shit. Since he had spent most of his life around mammal dung, he never had to confront any predators.
  Super Fly landed next to House Fly. "Waats up!?!" said the former to the latter in an offensive imitation of how he perceived the black and brown Exoskeleton flies communicated. House Fly turned his back on Super Fly. "Yo! Check out that party over there man! Oh and what an odor. That shit look bomb!" Super Fly exclaimed.
"You would rather the Jocko Homos detonate their bomb than go over there. Your chances of surviving the Jock Homo bomb is greater what you think you're seeing."
"Get the fuck out of here! Look at all those other flies there. Many more are coming! I gotta check that shit out!" Super Fly said.
"Don't do it! It's a trap. You're going to die."
"Get the fuck out of here! What trap? It's a party. Everyone is dancing. Look how they kick up their legs! That's a big party! Let's check that shit out!"
"It's not what you think. They're stuck. They can't move. Don't you know about the Arachnid lady sweaters?"
"That ain't no Arachnid lady trap. Take a whiff of that odor. It's so sweet! It's like a bowl of sugar! Look more and more are going! They ain't dying. The dead don't move their legs like that."
"Notice those that aren't moving? They were the first. They're dead. The others will die too."
"You're on crack! They're sleeping. Between all that dancing and all that sweet food, they're just wiped out. Anyway, what do you know. You're just a Blackie Exo! Stupid ignorant motherfucker! What the fuck am I even doing wasting my time talking to one." With that Super Fly made a bee line to the party. As soon as he set down he regretted it. His wings were stuck. His sound joined the chorus of others who were in the same predicament.
"Help me!" Super Fly cried out.House F ly flew in a circle in front of the the cylinder which hung from outside a window. "I tried to warn you but you didn't listen to me. I was just a stupid Blackie." House Fly buzzed off.
Inside the dwelling Ms. Jocko Homo talked to her female offspring: "I'm sure glad that we got that flypaper. It was getting too much. The flies were taking over the house!" 
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

It reminds me of so many things. Racism, chemtrails, capitalism, all the shit of the world. Nice one K :)
Your comrade, Soph X

Friday, March 25, 2016  

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