Tuesday, July 26, 2016

My Homeland

By Der Kosmonaut
26 July 2016
Yarmouth, Nova Scotia Canada

The past two months here in The Maritimes has underscored why I detest the West Coast. Everything about The Maritimes makes me feel comfortable. I can relate to the history, the mentality, the sense of humor, the people. The Northeast of North America from Maryland and Newfoundland is a completely different country from the rest of North America. This is the oldest and original part of European and African North America. This is home.
Years before I even ventured to the West, I always suspected it to be foreign and hostile territory. 19 months of my life out West confirmed that. I really had no business out West. There's nothing for me in the West. Save for Seattle (which is actually a combination of Boston and Halifax and the only East Coast city in the West), I was thoroughly unimpressed for the West Coast. It's not an accident that I didn't make one friend on the West Coast (apart from a fellow intellectual Manhattanite in Seattle), yet I've made many friends already in The Maritimes.
It's resolved. I will never step foot West of Ottawa ever again. The Atlantic Northeast is my country. The boundaries are set with Washington, DC to the south. Newfoundland and Labrador to the North. The Atlantic to the East and Ottawa to the West. This is my homeland. The rest is a separate country and foreign culture.

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Saturday, July 23, 2016

While The World Goes Mad, I'm Far Removed

By Der Kosmonaut
24 July 2014
Port Mouton, Nova Scotia Canada

I've been in Nova Scotia now for 3 weeks following a month in Moncton. I've had very limited access to the internet, which is the reason why I haven't posted anything recently. I am writing everything down and once I have a few hours of unrestricted access, I will post all my impressions.
With limited access to the Net and none to the radio and TV I haven't been following current events very closely. I just read the World Socialist Website which gives a decent summary of what's happening. I'm also relying on the reports sent via email from my friends and contacts in Europe.
What I am reading is a world not only at an impasse but at a crossroads. From the debacle of the Austrian presidential election to the freak show of the American presidential election, it's absolutely clear that liberal democracy is in a terminal state and is about to expire. The so-called Brexit is the coda to the train wreck of the European Union which began in earnest in 2010. If that wasn't enough, there's the eruption of a racial/civil war which is escalating in the the United States.
Meanwhile, I'm hitchhiking around Nova Scotia visiting town and country. I'm in the friendliest region of the Western world. Here one forgets that the world is in tumult. Last night as I was camping at Carters Beach I wondered how it would be if Global War erupted. Would I hear sirens in the woods? Would I be able to hear the bombings of Halifax and other military installations? What if I woke up the next morning and took down my tent and went to find a cafe to have my morning coffee, as I've done each day, only to find that everything is shut down and there wasn't any Internet service? Would I observe the normally easy going, friendly and lighthearted Nova Scotians in an agitated state of angst and despair? Am I going to witness the end of the world in the most beautiful part of the planet?

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