Thursday, October 13, 2016

Capitalism And The Spectre of Nuclear Annihilation

In the 1980 film adaption of The Martian Chronicles by the late Ray Bradbury, American capitalism has conquered and settled on Mars. A capitalistically degenerated Texas cowboy has set up a fast food business on the Red Planet. As he peers through his telescope at Earth he observes nuclear war and the destruction of the planet. As Duci Simonović has correctly analyzed, capitalism is not only leading to the expansion of humans into space, but it's doing so aware that it will leave behind a dead and inhabitable planet. Presently we are the closest to nuclear annihilation than at any time since the Cuban Missile Crisis.
-Der Kosmonaut

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The B-52s-Topaz

Friday, October 07, 2016

Flashbacks of My Upper West Side Childhood In The North End Of Halifax

By Der Kosmonaut

  In my as of yet unpublished novel The King of the Woods, which is a fictionalized account of my teen years in New York during the 1980s, the narrator's paternal grandfather is a Black Nova Scotian from Halifax. I knew quite a bit of the history of Blacks in Nova Scotia. As a literary device to make the novel more interesting, I wrote the subplot of Kevin Blake of having Nova Scotian descent. Still, the novel is about New York City and Kevin Blake is a typical Upper West Side kid. One of the reasons why I was keen to visit Halifax was the meet other Blacks and learn more about their history and their current social position.
  I visited Halifax three times in the seven weeks that I spent in Nova Scotia. As always, the first impression was the most lasting. Though I had expected to find similarities between Halifax and Boston, as well as similarities between Nova Scotian Blacks with those from the Northeastern USA, I could've never imagined that my first visit to Halifax would be a time travel adventure to my own childhood in New York in the early 80s.

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Thursday, October 06, 2016

Introducing The Incomparable Thomas Dolby

Thomas Dolby is largely forgotten and his musical and artist genius shamefully overlooked. Here's his funny and kinetic video for "Hyperactive" from 1984

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