Saturday, March 25, 2017

Bad C Communities

The Townies of Charleston in Boston Oppose School Integration 1974

Beware of communities that start with C
Listen to this one and you will see
Districts and and neighborhoods beginning with C are reactionary
This is an account most cautionary

In New York there is Canarsie
Don’t try to buy a house if you are not greasy
If you do your house will be firebombed
Life there will never be calm

In Boston there is Charlestown
If you’re black you shouldn’t head down
Townies with bricks, American Flags and rocks will chase you out
The lads will look like New Kids On The Block

Though Chicago starts with C and is generally cool
Watch out for Cicero for all with you is through
A climate worse than West Side Story
Go too far on the El you will be sorry.

In Montreal, Quebec you encounter Pointe St. Charles
Where Irish bigots will endlessly snarl
Racist abuse and derogatory epithets
Making their victims feel impotent

So stay away from Pointe St. Charles, Charlestown, Canarsie and Cicero
Be the wrong person and it’s a rough roe to how
There is no reason for anyone to go
For these areas are provincial, reactionary and slow
-Der Kosmonaut
Montreal, Quebec Canada

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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

On Phone Taps, Hacks and Political Sabotage

By Der Kosmonaut
  I really should stop following current events. I should disengage from politics altogether. It's not only a distraction but it's annoying. Having my intelligence insulted on a daily basis gets hard on the head. I really wonder if the masses have a short attention span. What's already decades old news suddenly becomes a new revelation. What's most remarkable is that the incredulousness comes from people that should know better.
  A few weeks ago Donald Trump tweeted that his phone lines and servers at Trump Tower had been tapped. Trump pins the blame on Obama. Where has Trump been for the past decade? Did he not pay attention when Edward Snowden realeased the details of the PRISM program? The National Security Agency (NSA) has been tapping all telecommunication lines for well over a decade already. Where was Trump when Diane Feinstein made the claim that the CIA hacked into the emails of her office and spied on all of the senators on the US Senate Intelligence Committee? Is Trump unaware of the FBI COINTELPRO operation of the 1960s and 70s? Is Trump so naive to think that anybody that seeks to become president isn't under close scrutiny by the security agencies? Is he not aware that as part of the program of "Full Spectrum Dominance" in which the Pentagon and the intelligence agencies engage in cyber warfare against enemies, friends and allies alike?

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Monday, March 20, 2017

"In My Lockbox I'm Free"

"No point in running
You'll be hunted down
Do yourself a favor
Stop fucking around"
The lines above strike a deep chord in me. I've spent most of my adult life running away from New York, running away from the United States, running away from right wing politicians, running away from Western society, running away from capitalism. Ultimately I was running away from myself. The time to stop running is now. The moment to stop hiding has come. I've returned to the United States to directly challenge and fight against Trump and his gang of fascists and ultimately to do everything in my power to demolish totalitarian capitalism once and for all. The totalitarian capitalist concentration camp is all around the world. North America, Europe, Asia, Africa and South America are all under the same system of the dictatorship of finance capital. If it's going to end, it will take courageous, bold and fearless leaders with the experience and intellectual capacity as well as the understanding to survive outside the system. I hold all those qualifications. The world is a Lockbox. It's time to breakout of it. The only way to break out of the Lockbox is to fight within it. The capitalistically degenerate rulers have stupidly locked themselves in with the rest of humanity. They live inside their golden cage within the Lockbox. While I acknowledge that I'm within the Lockbox, I recognize and assert my individual liberty and freedom. The Future Is Now!
-Der Kosmonaut

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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Anti-Trump Billboard In Phoenix Arizona

Artwork by Karen Fiorito displayed in Phoenix, AZ USA

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Thursday, March 16, 2017


By Der Kosmonaut
 The sense of danger becomes acute as unease grows. There'a a growing awareness that our planet has fallen into a Black Hole from which there's no escape from conflict and destruction. It's one thing to anticipate and forecast the danger. It's quite another thing when it arrives. For even when one prepares for the worst, its manifestation is not any less harrowing.
  Just as forecast the US is in a state of civil war. It's a most extraordinary civil war as it's being fought on multiple dimensions. The Democrats are at war with the Republicans. The intelligence agencies are at war with the president. The president is at war with the media. Meanwhile, the citizens themselves are waging war against each other both virtually and in real time. The anti and pro Trump factions are entrenched. The other week saw incredible scenes of the partisans engaged in street battles across the cities and towns of the country.
  The EU is in the final stage of its terminal state. The UK and France are on the verge of civil war. The Balkans are on the brink of another catastrophic war. Serbia, Kosovo, Croatia, Bosnia, Albania, Montenegro and Macedonia have the daggers drawn at one other.

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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Fleetwood Mac-Big Love

I don't like any other song by Fleetwood Mac. "Big Love" was the very first song that I heard by the group and instantly liked it. Unfortunately when I heard the following singles and discovered their earlier music, I found them musically dull and boring in the extreme. Like Madonna, many artists that I generally dislike always have at least one gem. It also helps that the music video for "Big Love" is outstanding.

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Thursday, March 09, 2017

Anti-Sexist Anti-Advertising Graffiti

Thursday, March 02, 2017

In Response To Trump's Fascist Address: FUCK YOUR DESIGN!


Nitzer Ebb "In Decline"-1995

well now what a surprise
you're full of shit and lies
but the world keeps spinning
you are just a clown
inside a circus town
but the tears keep rolling
you tried controlling our lives
tried using up all our drive
but our mind keeps
blowing and growing
nothing's gonna stop
nothing you can stop
nothing's gonna stop

you're old with rules
we're not your tools
fuck your design
you're in decline

now you're nice and warm
inside your uniform
but this storm has taken its hold

through your thin disguise
think we don't realize
you're young until you get old
we'll keep looking round
for where you'll be found
because the weak just
want to be told
nothing's gonna stop
nothing we can stop
nothing's gonna stop

you're old with rules
we're not your tools
fuck your design
you're in decline

don't you remember when
think of now and then
don't you remember when
if you've nothing to say
i'll just push you away
if you're too tired to live
then there's nothing to give

you're old with rules
we're not your tools
fuck your design
you're in decline

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