Sunday, April 30, 2017

Alarmed, Annoyed and Perplexed

By Der Kosmonaut
Burlington, VT USA
30 April 2017

The only way that I'm going to be able to function in this country is to become an extreme anti-social. It's impossible to have a social life in this country unless you're ignorant and infantile

  It just took a month before I remembered why I hate this country and to why I fucked off in the first place. I have no place to stay in Vermont and have had to settle for tenting in a homeless encampment. I really want nothing to do with the people there. I've become quite adept at judging people's character and intelligence level. For most of the a week and half that I set up camp there, I keep away as far as possible. Sure enough one of the men told me that he thought that I was Middle Eastern. Actually he thought I was an European of Middle Eastern background. He thought that I "was lucky to have been born and raised in Europe rather than the Middle East." He was shocked when I told him that I was Black. Since 2011 I have been repeatedly misidentified as Middle Eastern or North African. It began in Austria but I dismissed it as Austrian ignorance. I remember exactly when people first doubted that I was in fact an American New Yorker. It was on a bus journey from London to Vienna September 1999. At Brussels a young woman from Slovakia sat next to me. After conversing she gave me a most skeptical look and asked: "Are you sure that you're from New York? You are Black!" At least in her defense she properly identified me as Black. 25 years ago I would occasionally be misidentified as Dominican. Fine. I do have Cuban ancestry as well as from Barbados. So yes I do that the Afro-Caribbean Hispanic bloodline. At least the geographical region was correctly guessed if the exact islands were off.

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Friday, April 21, 2017

XTC 1000 Umbrellas

I hate April in North Eastern North America! Cold rain makes this a town of misery.

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Saturday, April 15, 2017

US Civil War Rules of Engagement

Today will be Round 3 of the Battle of Berkeley in California where supporters of President Trump where once again square off against the opposition. In anticipation the city of Berkeley has issued the following rules of engagement. Hopefully the proceedings won't be preempted by an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile launched from across the Pacific.

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Saturday, April 08, 2017

Totalitarian Capitalism Will Rock You

Outstanding video clip from 1992 by Emergency Broadcast Network. Though it features George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton, it could apply to Barack Obama and Donald Trump.

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Friday, April 07, 2017

Will Global War Preempt The US Civil War or Will The US Civil War Preempt Global War?

Still Shot From The Music Video "Freedom of Choice" On The Cover Of The Single By Devo

By Der Kosmonaut
  So much for Trump being the candidate of "peace" and represents a shift away from "global empire". Anyone with with a modicum of perception knows this was never the case. All of the intellectuals that voted for and supported Trump for these reasons have eaten shit for breakfast this morning. Of course they all bear political responsibility for the certain destruction that will befall the USA this year.
  I've written much recently about the escalating civil war raging in the country at present. This leads me to speculate why Trump launched the most dangerous and reckless military assault since the Korean War. In the first instance Trump has been broken by the military-intelligence complex. The military generals have consolidated their grip over the White House. In the second instance, the assault on Syria takes the heat off Trump for being a Putin puppet. However, Trump is following what every president since Bill Clinton has done. When facing low opinion poll numbers or under political pressure, the instinct of any sitting president is to launch an air strike or launch a few dozen cruise missiles to distract the public. This is clearly what Trump is trying to do.
  More fundamentally this has made the unruly American public pause from their mutual acrimony recrimination. Undoubtedly the US government is well aware of the heated political and social temperature of the body politic. Triggering Global War is certainly an option that American capitalism is considering, not only to maintain its economic and military hegemony but also to cool down the domestic temperature. In other words, triggering Global War is the method to unify the country against "common enemies". With so many stupid liberals and Democrats thinking that Trump is a Putin stooge, it's a way to bring them on board the Trump train. Ultimately, it's a method to preempt civil war.
  There's no guarantee that this strategy will work. Since 1998 American capitalism has been unable to keep the American population completely distracted and pacified. Social tensions are exploding into the open. Already Trump has lost what remained of his mass support by launching the military attack against Syria. The social and political contradictions are too great to put out. As the year progresses the social discontent will grow and erupt beyond control.
  This is the thing: The US at present is confronted with two stark choices. Either the country will erupt in civil war which will preempt Global War or Global War will preempt Civil War. In conclusion, this is the "freedom of choice" that American capitalism has come to represent. In retrospect, monopolistic capitalism's mid 20th century choice between Coke and Pepsi looks innocent and sweet.

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Tuesday, April 04, 2017

A Ringside View Of The Raging US Civil War

A casualty of the Second Battle of Berkeley March 2017

By Der Kosmonaut
  After more than two weeks leaving Canada, being back in the USA is surreal. I've predicted civil war in the USA for 20 years but now that it's actually happening, it's still intense to behold.
I'm on Twitter, which I find to be a good source of information. I follow both Trump supporters and the anti-Trump camp. I follow the former as a form of surveillance. I often read the right wing publications just to see how my opponents think and to understand their methods. One can call it counterintelligence work. I don't make many political comments on twitter. For the most part I simply observe. Occasionally I will reply to some tweets but generally limit my interventions to clicking on like.
  Last Monday the trending topic on Twitter was the current state of civil war. A right wing article entitled "The Civil War Is Here" by Daniel Greenfield was completely unhinged. I read it with rapt attention. What was even more shocking were the tweets by the right wing. People were openly tweeting about going to the West Coast and Northeast to shoot and kill all the "liberals".  People were openly tweeting their desires and plans to invade the Blue (Democrat) States to wage a violent war of extermination. Others publicly tweeted that an aerial bombing campaign of the West Coast and NYC would be enough to militarily defeat the Left. The right has a misconception that since the Blue States have strong gun-control laws, they believe that "liberals" are unarmed, unable to handle weapons and lack the ability to defend themselves. I exercised extreme restraint not to reply.
  The Bronx is the most left wing county in the country. During last year's New York Primary The Bronx with a  population of 1.4 million produced 7,169 votes that were cast for the Republicans. During the general election Trump won 34,424 votes in The Bronx. Compare this with the other famous liberal county of San Francisco. During the Republican Primary 18,295 votes were cast for all Republican candidates.  During the general election Trump won more votes in San Francisco than in The Bronx with 37,688. Moreover, with a population of 837,442, San Francisco county is smaller than The Bronx.
  With that said, The Bronx is a heavily armed county. If the rednecks from Texas and Iowa think that they can stroll into The Bronx and carry out a massacre, they have a big surprise coming to them. But I decided to hold strain and not reply to the tweets threatening homicidal and genocidal against the "liberal" regions of the country.
 Today, just one week after Greenfield's article, the Strategic Institute for Intersectional Policy (SIIP) a militant liberal group, has just published an inflammatory article calling the Trump/Republican controlled parts of the country the "Russian Confederacy". The article calls for the Blue States to form an alliance and to separate from the Red States. The United States is breaking apart.
  Strangely enough I'm neither frightened nor am I unduly worried. I've been waiting for this for 20 years. Rather than watching it from afar, I have a front row seat. I'm just glad that I'm in Vermont and that the border is just a 10 minute drive away.

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