Thursday, May 11, 2017

Farewell Address

To all my readers, allies and friends I hereby announce my departure from the Earth. I've run out of energy. I have no more fight left to give. Totalitarian capitalism is entrenched and there's no way out. As Duci Simonovic has written in his recent book The Last Revolution, capitalist democracy has left the masses with the choice of committing suicide, debt slavery and imprisonment. Simonovic is correct and I have chosen the former.
I've accomplished everything that I've wanted to do in my life. I spent 20 years living and traveling abroad. I've produced and recorded music. I've performed both my music and poetry around the world. I've had my poetry and writing published. Not as much as I wanted but it's been out there. Over the course of 20 plus years I've made several thousand US dollars from my creativity which really isn't too bad. The only thing that I've yet to accomplish is to have my novel The King of the Woods published in book form. However, with that being the only thing that I've failed to do, I will have to accept it.
I have nothing left to live for. My life is over. I have nothing left to offer, nothing left to say, nothing left to analyze.
I would encourage others to continue to fight against totalitarian capitalism. Please shut down your Facebook accounts and destroy your Smartphones. As long as you continue to use FB and Smartphones, you'll never be able to escape your imprisonment.
I was going to thank my close friends by name but I'm not going to embarrass them. I won't denigrate their dignity. Still, I have the best friends in the world. I can definitely say that I know the most brilliant, creative and interesting people on Earth. They've put up with my bullshit. They've done everything possible to help me. But unfortunately, no one can help me. To all my friends please don't take it personally. It's really all for the best. I have nothing left to offer you. I really need to stop being a parasite. You and the world will be better off without me.
To my readers, thank you for coming to my blog. I'm most disappointed that so few of you ever commented and almost none of you contributed financially. Oh well. These are hard times for most people economically. I suspect that my blog will remain up for some time.
To Google: Fuck you and your mother's pussy that you came out of of. You're the one that created the electronic concentration camp. It's for control and profit. I really hope that your HQs are burnt to the ground and that all the executives and even worse, all the engineers that actually design and construct the parameters of the concentration camp are all hung by your testicles and nipples.
With that said, I do hope that Google manages to keep this blog up for some time. There's lots of writing and information that will be useful for future historians and generations if capitalism hasn't exterminated the human race in the interim.
These are links to where you can find some of my other material.
Here's my Soundcloud page:
Here's my YouTube channel:

I am relieved that I'm finally free of this planet and from being around humans.
Auf Wiedersehen
Der Kosmonaut

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