Monday, October 30, 2017

*SLIGT ADM Live Concert Amsterdam 29OCT2017

*Secret Laboratory Interflug-Galaktika Live Concert At ADM Amsterdam 29 October 2017
Video, Stage Design and Visual Installation by Peter Rampazzo
Der Kosmonaut: Vocals, Beats
Dominic Byrne: Acoustic Guitar

1.Transition 2.Posters and Bulletins 3.Can U Take It? 4.Existential Interrogation 5.PDX (Part 1)

1.PDX (Part 2) 2.The Future Is Now 3.Put That Away 4.STCUM 5.Repressed Nature 6.The Need For Space

1.Love Yourself, Respect Yourself 2.Underground Metropolitan Poet 3.Seattle Center 4.SLIGT Indie Jam 5.138th Street

1.138th Street IRT Jam 2.Nap Interlude 3.Der Wienzeile Walzer

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